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I suppose I should write something...

E'm~grief~ just had their first sponsored events. Two days in a row at Meguro Rock May Kan. The sets were pretty good and entertaining, and I really enjoyed the chance of seeing them play more than three songs.

The show the first day started with Yuuze being chained to a cross, apparently held captive by Majyu who was guarding him with an axe. Enter Rita, who had a dagger he challenged Majyu with. They duelled for a while, until Rita 'won' and set Yuuze free, and they could start playing music. It was probably the most interesting intro they've had so far. They played six of their songs that night, which is all of them but the Phantasmagoria cover. This didn't surprise me as I had almost expected this to be either a song they wouldn't play at lives, or only play on special occasions. So it did surprise me when Rita announced that song tonight. It sounded quite different from the original version, but it might be because the sound is extremely bad in the front at Rock May Kan, and I haven't had the chance to listen to the recorded one yet. I could barely hear Rita's voice at all during this song because of the bad sound quality, so I hope they'll play it again at a later occasion (Though I doubt this one will make it to the setlist at their regular lives).

At the end of tonight's live, Majyu put Matsuo's head over his own again (That's the horse head thing). I had been wondering when we'd see Matsuo again x) Majyu brings that thing to every live as far as I know, but it hadn't appeared on stage since their December show. Cecir entered carrying a plate with four wine glasses and a bottle. I held my breath as he climbed the stairs on his way up on stage and then walking over to the others. These guys lose their balance a lot. Cecir had already done so once during that set. Fortunately we didn't have any accidents, and Cecir proceeded to pour wine into everyone's glasses before giving the bottle to the audience. Majyu made an attempt to drink the wine through Matsuo's mouth with mixed results XD

Their next live will be April 11th at O-WEST (where the sound is better), and it's a "Men's Spider presents" event -___-; Men's Spider is basically a 'host magazine', and a group of hosts will actually form a band together for this live? o_O At least it shall be interesting.

Here, have some glitter wand magic:

(Unfortunately the part where Rita is hit in the head by Majyu's drumstick, or the part with the latter running around with a chainsaw aren't included. Good live...)
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