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Versailles tour goods

Won't write too much right now as I just got home from Yokohama, and have barely slept or eaten. But I saw people on my flist wondering about the new shirts and phone straps Versailles are selling during their tour.

front & back

(Old logo, and no "Philharmonic Quintet". Yay!)

We had really good tickets for this live (started out in second row, but were quickly pushed halfway into the front row). I won't be seeing them again until May, and I doubt we'll be able to get this close to the stage at Studio Coast, so I enjoyed it a lot despite how painful Versailles' lives have become (LOTS of male fans in the audience).

Kamijo was going for some sort of record of forgetting lyrics tonight. We had to sing the songs for him so that he'd remember the words. It was particularly bad for The Revenant Choir. (English....)

Hizaki managed to fall off the stage (>__<) I don't think he hurt himself though. Staff helped him up, and when Kamijo asked him if everything was alright, Hizaki just laughed about it.

But altogether a great two and a half hour show :D

Tags: live, sunphonix hall, versailles
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