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Virgil 1st oneman

Can't remember the last time I felt this bad @_@ Felt pretty crappy all day, and going to a live with a fever is a bad idea (especially when it's a oneman, meaning you can't take breaks). Still, it was Virgil's first official live, so I didn't want to miss it.

Left to right:
Takumi (drums), Haku (shimote guitar), Roa (vocal, violin, whatever's needed), Daichi (kamite guitar), Zekusu (bass)

Apart from people on my flist who might have read my entry about their secret live last month, how familiar are people with this band? I can't remember seeing much mention of them on the various forums. I wasn't expecting the turn out to be great tonight. At the secret live, there were only between 5-10 fans, and I bought my ticket really late and still got a very good number. So I was surprised when BOXX actually filled up. They had to interupt the show asking people to move forwards, to make room for everyone.

The show was supposed to start at seven:

It didn't. And oh my god, we were going crazy having to listen to "song of my oath" over and over and over again D: (the instrumental BGM on their website) It's a nice melody, but try putting it on repeat for more than an hour! But it was worth the wait, and it was a positive surprise that they gave a more than two hour long show.

This live will be released on a DVD btw, if anyone's interested. They didn't mention when or what kind of DVD (full show or digest), but there were at least 5 cameras there, so I think they managed to get a lot of good footage.

Got to know the members a little better this time. Roa seems like fun :D He embarrassed himself trying to teach us furi, and he's also a really good talker, which makes MCs a lot more enjoyable than they tend to be. I wish we'd be able to hear more from Daichi and Takumi though. Takumi didn't say a single word (according to Roa, that's his character's "image"). Daichi just refused to say anything every time the others on stage hinted that he should. (We got a "thank you" when calling his name, so he's not as silent as the drummer. But he seems generally really shy, so that's ok. Maybe he'll feel more comfortable talking when they've done some more lives. He's the one I'm standing in front of, so I'd love to hear more of what's on his mind as the show goes on)
I never got the chance to attend Izabel Varosa's lives. Did Haku speak with a very, very feminine voice and manner back then too? o_O I don't think he spoke at the ANUBIS lives I've been to. But I've seen him at a solo live, and spoken to him on other occasions, so I know the light feminine voice isn't his regular speaking voice. Even Roa commented on him sounding like an okama.
It almost feels like the only reason for Zekusu being the cute girl of the band, is because he visually wouldn't fit in any other role. He's such a... normal dude. Who just happens to look all girly. His only line for the night (told in all seriousness and with the manliest voice I've heard in a while): 俺はホモじゃない (I'm not gay, orz -__-). He apparently gets hit on by men thinking he's a girl when out of make-up.

For people who might attend their lives in the future - merch details: They were selling some really nice looking goods, but not wanting to spend the night at a cold station floor, I had to rush to the train station as soon as the performance was over ;_; Conveniently, during the live, they showed comment videos of the members introducing the various items: compact mirror (white with their red rose logo), pass sticker, sticker set, phone strap, care paper (Is this called "care paper" in non-Japanese English as well? It's the kind of paper you use to remove grease from your face without messing up your make-up; あぶらとり紙). There was also a "free present" in the shape of a white plastic bag with the logo on, that you got if you bought goods for more than 4000 yen. And there were surprise plastic balls containing... something. You could by a random one for 300 yen, but not having time to check it out, I have no idea what was in them.

And somewhat random; Sayula, guitarist of Scapegoat was standing in the darkness outside the venue handing out flyers (Seriously, he could have chosen to stand in the light. I almost walked into him in my hurry, and then had a near heart attack when I suddenly got an "onegaishimasu" in my face without warning). So go give their website an extra page hit, or give him a peta for his effort.

And for something completely unrelated; I signed up for the TOEIC the other day. Have any of you taken this test before?

edit: I just saw the "non-Japanese only" thing for the first of Versailles' 5-day lives in June.... So we'll be... 4 people there? Unless they're counting on a lot of people to be here on vacation that week. Surely there won't be much competition when it comes to getting fan club tickets.
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