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Too long!

This live lasted for almost 8 hours. I was there mainly to see Art Cube, and they were the last band playing (>_<)

The other band I was curious about was the new band GizeL. I used to enjoy AibeLL's lives a lot, and GizeL has three of the same members, so I expected them to be somewhat similar. However, I did not expect them to be AibeLL. It's just a new name. They're still doing their old AibeLL songs :D The biggest difference was probably the fact that Prince Suu (vocals) was nervous. Never seen him like that before, but he was shaking. Maybe he's just generally having a bad day. Not live related, but going home tonight, he managed to forget his bag (with his wallet/everything important) on the train and he hasn't gotten it back yet D: Hope things will be sorted out in the morning.

I think this is the longest I've ever waited for Art Cube to appear on stage. I assumed they would be late, but not the very last band playing.

1. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)
2. A got confinement
3. Blue Heaven
4. you're here...

(no Pain Wing D: D: D: That's pretty much like The Velvet not doing "Ride On Me" earlier this week)

Maybe the band was simply happy to finally be doing a live in Tokyo again, cause there was so much energy on stage... Zeta was shouting during most of the MC, Yossy and Nobu moved around a lot, and Yossy looked more confident than I've ever seen him before during his solos.

But what happened to the crowd? o_O It's like all the regular Art Cube fans went poof, and got replaced with the E'm~grief~ fans....And unless they've had 6 months to get used to a song, E'm fans are zombies at lives. People were just standing there. Such a contrast to all the positive energy among the band members. I finally learned how to do all of Blue Heaven's latest choriography, and now I have to stand there doing it all by myself?? XD

And summer has oficially arrived, according to Rem. No more winter slowness; she was all over the place, including Zeta's hair and face. He didn't even bother with trying to get her to stay on the microphone stand this time.

Maybe none of you care, at least not if you never went to Initial D's lives. But some of the guys from that session band are doing sessions of their own:

They're called "DDDD". Their flyer got my attention as it looks exactly like Initial D's. Same design, same font etc.

And, it's still Golden Week :D Don't have to do anything for the next couple of days! Also looking forward to see THE VELVET + Motoki's band on Wednesday ^__^

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