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And so ends Golden Week

Maybe it's just because I was really, really, really happy that THE VELVET played this song at AREA tonight, but their performance of "RIDE ON ME" was so much better than usual :D (not that I've ever experienced it to be bad). I don't think I would have cared about which other songs they played, I was so disappointed when they did not do this song last week that I enjoyed it more than ever tonight. 

They also need to update their homepage. They've had polkadot outfits for months now.... Which reminds me, they never posted any proper pictures anywhere of the outfits from last fall D: Aristocrat style. I know I have an old flyer lying around somewhere, but you can only see their heads and shoulders (>_<)

And Berry; not too long ago you asked me if I'd ever seen MiMi without any make-up at all. I can now answer you, "Yes. Yes I have." I reserved my ticket with the band like I always do, and the following morning MiMi replied saying thanks etc. But turns out he forgot to add my name to the list anyway. This has happened with other bands a couple of times, but the person in charge of giving people their reserved tickets has just added me to the list on the spot each time. I don't know why they couldn't do that tonight as well... The girl first went through all the other bands' lists (WHY would my name be on any of those? o_O). Then went through those lists a second, third and forth time (??was Velvet supposed to have taken other people's lists and started writing names on those?), before making a call to someone back stage. But she couldn't pronounce my name right, and eventually MiMi himself had to come out and confirm that I was who I said I was. Seems easier to just add my name to the list and give me my ticket; I had the confirmation e-mail with me on my phone, and even showed it to her.

@zeldana: No info about that other project, other than the mention of this month's release.

Now I really need to try and get some sleep *_*
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