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-Versailles Fes-

Slowly got ourselves home on one bike, when it turned out my friend's bike was stolen/moved somewhere we couldn't find it in the dark/something unconvenient, while we were in Tokyo. Which is easier said than done when it comes to the two of us apparently, though we managed to not have any near accidents until we got to our appartment building this time....

The Versailles Fes gradually became more fun as the show progressed.
The first band playing was メリー (Merry), and I can't say I was able to enjoy their set much. Nothing wrong with their music or performance, I like several of the songs I've heard of them. But oh my god, the fans D: Pushing, elbows in my ribs/spine/face etc. is one thing, but why must people crowdsurf? D: I kept getting people landing/jumping on my head, and there's no way I'm able to support the weight of a grown man when he comes jumping without warning, so whenever someone landed on my head, I'd be pushed down towards the floor with the person on top of me. Thankfully I was standing next to a group of guys, who pulled the people up and away from me. And pretty much the entire set went on like this, so my main focus was more on surviving than on what was going on onstage.

筋肉少女帯 (kinniku sjoujo tai) were interesting :D And though the set had its rough moments, it was a heapload more comfortable than the previous band. I had seen pictures of the guitarist on several occations, but didn't know anything about this band's music prior to tonight. They started activities 28 years ago, and they definitely have that 'old band' feeling. And the drummer was Shinya from Luna Sea!

After seeing Versailles in Yokohama, I mentioned in my journal that I was sure we wouldn't be able to get that close to the stage again for this live. Studio Coast being a fairly huge place, and our ticket numbers were just above 300. Somehow we still ended up in third row for Merry (ouch..) A friend literally pulled me into the second row for Kinniku. There I seemed to end up behind the ONE person in the front row who was not a Versailles fan, so as soon as Kinniku were done playing she offered me her spot! I couldn't have been closer to the guys on stage :D And I am SO grateful to the guy who was standing behind me. There were at least three rows of male fans behind me, but the one closest to me must have taken care of most of the pushing and general pain that comes with standing in the front at Versailles' lives lately. I barely felt he was there (except for parts of The Red Carpet Day, which really can't be helped)!! 

The band looked really happy and energetic (Let's compare this to what they'll look like at the end of the Rock May 5 days). Teru jumped around more than usual (resulting in him falling down while running, but he kept on crawling along on his knees instead x) ) Everyone but Jasmine took their time to walk along the edge of the stage grabbing our hands. There's a bit of a gap between the stage and the audience, so maybe that's why Jasmine didn't lean out towards us. Don't want him to lose his balance with all the extra weight he has around his shoulders and on his head ;;

Did Kamijo add that little dance to Zombie during the recent tour, or was that improvising for tonight?? (Haven't seen them since Yokohama in March) Cause OMG that looked ridiculous XD (But also awfully cute; he was wiggling his hips from side to side. Not a particularly dark, seriously vampire-ish move). And as far as I noticed, he did not forget any lyrics tonight :D I almost expected him to do so.

On our way back to the train station after the live, we passed the girls from Danger Gang handing out flyers. No surprise there, as they're one of the bands I see most often doing this; you just smile, take their flyer and move along. So it definitely caught me by surprise when the random non-Danger Gang member standing nearby turns out to be MiMi dressed in full costume, (THE VELVET's vocalist/bassist)  I've never seen him hand out flyers anywhere after his band changed their lineup, nor heard of any who have, so I really really didn't expect to run into him tonight. o_O "" That was awkward.


Got a mosquito bite on my way home too - summer's here!

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