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How are people overseas reacting to the flu panic? People seem fairly calm where I live, but I saw a lot more people than usual wearing masks in Tokyo yesterday.

Yesterday was also the day of the TOEIC. And hahaha, I'm glad I didn't do anything remotely close to studying/preparing for this. That would have been such a waste of time. I think this was the easiest of all important tests I've ever taken. The most difficult part was probably figuring out how you were supposed to fill in your registration number etc. before the actual test started x)

Was a bit worried about making it to the train in time, as I was going to a live in Takadanobaba in the afternoon. But with a bit of hurrying, I made it just in time. For some reason the train ride felt a lot nicer than it usually does. The weather was perfect, drove past a field of cows with lots of cats running around among the larger animals (I have no idea what all the cats were doing there), then there was this strange man dressed up as a pirate, and a cute 4 year old running around calling me oneechan!!

As we entered AREA, Retsu and Sho-ta (vocals and drums of MaitoreiA) were standing there handing out enquetes. No "hair & make" yet, so it was obvious they weren't going to play until late (Goodbye last train home -_-) Maito did end up being the last band playing, and wow, I had forgotten just how much fun they are :D Too bad their oneman is on the same day as Versailles' girls-only live.
They have a new song (might be called "kibou no silk", difficult to hear what Retsu said), MCs were about the current flu and how we should wash our hands properly etc. No new info mentioned, just summaries of the coming releases. No sign of the new costumes either, but it gave me the opportunity to get a good look at the red outfits before they disappear. (btw, they actually want us to grade them on their looks - it's part of the enquete)

Last night there was no line in front of Virgil's merch table, so I finally got to buy some stuff. And found out what those "mystery plastic balls" contain: each one contains a button and a sticker. The button has the face of one of the members, while the sticker has really cute, full figure, cartoon versions of them (both are random, so you don't necessarily get a button and a sticker of the same member)
And Roa.... I am so glad he found Takumi to play drums. Roa is multi-talented when it comes to playing instruments, and told us a while ago that when he was starting this band, he would be the drummer if he could find a good vocalist, or do the singing himself if he found a good drummer. And I would hate to see him hidden in the back behind a large drum kit. It's difficult to describe his stage presence, so I hope some of it comes across on the DVD, that they'll hopefully release, from their oneman live. He's quickly become one of my three favourites (the other two being Kamijo and Seiji, in case that was difficult to figure out)
Still can't make sense of Haku. That guy's weird...

Exam coming up on Tuesday. Interview coming up soon-ish. I want another three-month spring vacation (>_<) But there's still lots of fun things to look forward to in June. Decided to go to Versailles' girls-only live after all, as a friend offered me a FC ticket (didn't apply for one myself as I originally wasn't planning on going since it's a weekday). Hopefully nothing will get in the way of attending the Rock May lives. And I still need to try and get us tickets for the final night when they go on sale next weekend.
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