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Polkadots <3

We've had rain pretty much non-stop for several days now. It was like walking into a shower when I arrived in Shinjuku today. Not fun D: But on the bright side, even the hosts' hairdoes can't handle weather like that, so there was almost none out in Kabukicho :D I wish it would always be so easy and comfortable to walk through that area....

Just got home from seeing THE VELVET and Kaya (and LOGiQ) at Shinjuku LOFT. 

And WOW, Velvet..... This was the best performance I've ever seen them give. It was so well put together. They've never let me down, and thanks to MiMi their lives are always interesting both musically and visually, but tonight was perfect. There wasn't any time for me to fill out their enquete, but when I'm done writing this entry, I'll sit down and write them a letter! They really impressed me tonight ^^ They also changed their looks a bit. lady_asphodel might be the only one who cares, but this is my journal, so here's a short description anyway :p (mostly for my own sake)
MiMi is back to using a minihat. He added white extensions to his hair, and put it up in pigtails (it's still permed). During the first half of their set he was wearing his glasses, so he could actually see us clearly for a while. I think the reason for why he hasn't been using them lately is because he started using feather eyelashes and sticking butterflies to his face, and then the glasses get in the way. They made the butterfly fall off this time though. (When he eventually removed them, his facial expression made it look like he was thinking something along the lines of "wow, I really am blind o_o") He's currently using a very short black skirt with a corseted waist. (He was using this skirt in December, but had a jacket covering the corset part then) They're still doing the polka-dot style though. MiMi has polka-dot tights and a skarf, while Bera still has the polka-dot armwarmers. He got a new coat - a tailcoat with black feathers on the right shoulder. And he exchanged his pants for a pair of glossy hotpants and spiderweb tights. Bera and MiMi now have matching extensions attached to their bangs (while MiMi also attached curly extensions to the rest of his hair). All I could see of Lem was his head (too much smoke at the back of the stage), so I don't know what his outfit looked like.
It's fun to dress up so that you'll match their black&white/polka-dot style. And MiMi seems to appreciate it if you do.

/wall of text

Great performance, but again! I was the only one waving my hands in the air during Bera's guitar solos (>_<) It's embarrassing doing it all by myself. The last time I saw them, more people finally started doing it, but this time I was back to being the only one <_< I understand that MiMi's the most popular one (he's my favourite too), but can't people at least pretend to appreciate the other members, just to be nice? He's a good guitarist.

Set list: Stripper, Heroine, Cry Baby, Poison, Dress Code, Kimi ga mita yume, Kurutta yoru ni, RIDE ON ME, Kagerou no mukou de 

We weren't that many people there today. I picked up my ticket about 25 minutes before the doors opened, and got #2. And now I seriously think Kaya needs to do something if he wants to keep his fans. LOFT is not a big place. I counted the people in the front row - it varied between 8 and 9 people. Kaya had about two and a half row of people for his performance! This guy used to fill places like Shibuya O-WEST less than a year ago! I noticed a lot of fans failed to show up for his oneman in February (most of the A tickets weren't there, which are the pre-bought fanclub tickets) When he made the announcement tonight that he would be doing another chansons event, people barely clapped. 
OCHI has been replaced by scary guy D: (it's Ryoshin; that guy could not be more different from Ochi if he tried. *Stop staring at me!!! Or at least smile while you do!!!*) But Yui's cool :D  They both got new outfits too. French, Versailles-ish costumes. Ruffled shirts, and velvety coats with Kaya's name & logo on the back. Kaya wore the Carmilla outfit; first with the long skirt, then changed into the shorter skirt. His hair is black again (though the stage lighting makes it look dark brown)
He sang a couple of new songs, one of them was introduced as Rose Kingdom, guessing the other was Ophelia. The other songs were Epicurean (yay, I didn't bring the fan in vain), Funerary Dream, Chocolat, Kasha and Rose Jail. Having only one person behind me, Rose Jail wasn't painful at all ^^; And the people around me were smiling! I haven't seen people smile during Rose Jail for a couple of years. We're usually too busy with surviving and getting elbows in our heads and ribs. This time it was nothing but fun :) 
Kaya said there will be some announcements posted on his website tomorrow (or, today by now). He didn't say anything that we didn't already know during tonight's looong MC, but told us to check the website on June 1st. (ah! it's June already! :O ) The MC was spent talking about the upcoming concerts and release + telling us the story of how his dancers banged Kaya's head into the ceiling the last time he played at LOFT. 

I'll go get started on that letter. And all I have to write it on is Rilakuma stationary. Great XD At least it's not Hello Kitty....


( 6 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )
May. 31st, 2009 04:35 pm (UTC)
Ohhh should I send you my polka dots mini hat O__O;
I'm not gonna be using it until a long time and if the band enjoys seeing fans wearing matching outfits it'd be more usefull to you than to me right now ^^;
Thanks for the wall of decription of the Velvet outfits ^__^ (and the sudden "i'm really blind" Mimi was so cute :p)
Don't forget to request new photosets in your letter ;)
I wanna see the extensions and corset !
Maybe they will have managed to get more audience and a new single the next time I'll be able to see them live ^__^

How do the new Kaya songs sound like ? hope he stopped with the cheesy stuff and started doing dark electro songs again ><
May. 31st, 2009 04:51 pm (UTC)
I think I'll look weird with a minihat :'D Save it for the next time you're here.
heh, he was just standing there squinting for a while ^^; It looked like he was trying to decide whether he should put them on again or not.

Seems like it'll be a while until we get a new release from them. During today's MC, MiMi suddenly announced "and tonight you can buy our new single at the merch table :D" Naturally everyone went "oooo!", making MiMi realize what he'd just said, and then had to point out that he was talking about the re-released "Ride on Me" single. If he's still talking about that as "their new single", it seems to me there's no other singles in the making >_<

Kaya's new songs are darker than Chocolat etc. "Addict" is a bit like Rose Jail. The others aren't as dark as that, but definitely not overly sweet stuff. (Unless this turns out to be like the case of "Barairo no hibi". That song was an awesome rock tune live. Not so much on the actual single D: )
Jun. 3rd, 2009 06:30 pm (UTC)
Huh, that's really interesting. Is it because Kaya is doing all the poppy/Chanson/etc stuff that not many people are going to his lives anymore? o.o
Jun. 3rd, 2009 11:54 pm (UTC)
That seems to be the reason, as he himself hasn't changed so much in the past couple of years. And I don't hear that much positive talk among the fans about the Chanson stuff :x But people were very happy about the song "Addict", so that's clearly the kind of music they prefer. (I agree with them)
Jun. 9th, 2009 02:26 pm (UTC)
While I don't know THE VELVET, I still like to read about outfit descriptions, so count me in with lady_asphodel ;3
Polka dots~! Surely nice to see!
The thing with his glasses sounds cute. Maybe he could wear contact lenses?

I'm surprised to hear that Kaya didn't have a massive crowd.
Maybe more people aren't too happy with the direction he had taken. Personally my interested isn't big anymore either. I'm still not sure about buying his new single, but I think I'll give it a try as it's dancy again and by Hora and Kalm. I didn't like Barairo no hibi or the Chanson stuff, neither do I like any of his ballads in general.
Is it the costumes they wear in the new photosets? The ones which you see in Kaya's website shop?
How do Ophelia and Rose Kingdom sound? Are they good and like old Kaya stuff?
Jun. 9th, 2009 02:51 pm (UTC)
I haven't asked him, so this is just a guess; But he already IS wearing contact lenses. Coloured lenses, one white & one red. Coloured contacts are expensive to begin with. Corrective coloured contacts = a lot more expensive.
Or maybe he just likes the glasses...
And last night, he actually updated his blog with "please come to the live on Saturday wearing polkadots :D" so no doubt about the *appreciating fans wearing them* part ^^

Yes, it's the costumes from the new photosets :) The coats look quite nice when the guys dance around in them.
And, I suck at describing songs D: But they (at least the live versions) were more like pre-Chocolat stuff. I'm hoping they'll still sound good on a release. The first time I heard Barairo no hibi was at a live and it sounded great! (it really was a rock-tune), but the studio version.... >_<
I'm a bit sad "Addict" isn't part of Ophelia's tracklist. I'd really like to hear that song again. That was certainly like his older stuff.
( 6 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )

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