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Art Cube's 2nd oneman @ 新宿RUIDO K4

Though not as good as their first oneman, I had lots of fun at Art Cube's live last night :D

They have new costumes! They're not as colourful as the last costumes, but looks nice :) Things you can't see in the picture: Seiji is using hot pants again, like he did in Brain Hacker. His corset is the same red as the thing on his head, and he has a tulle skirt (is that what it's called?) that's open in the front. He might get his sleeves changed for future concerts. They kept getting stuck on the microphone stand last night, as well as on Yossy's guitar, and he was ripping them to get loose. (They're also too long. I kept getting hit in the face)
Shizuki has wings, Yossy has a purple feather in his hat, and Nobu looks like Jasmine You. Several of the people around me commented on that, and yeah, he really does.

Obligatory snake talk:
As I expected in this hot and humid weather, Rem was fully awake an quite active. And she's gotten huge. I hadn't really noticed how much she's grown cause I've been seeing her so often. But this time it had been a month since I last went to an Art Cube live, and she's well outgrown her owner (including platform boots height), and her body's become really thick. Seiji dropped her on the floor at one point, and even though the music was playing, we could clearly hear the thud as she landed. She must be so heavy, moving around all over the place as you're trying to focus on singing, and Seiji ended up leaving the stage during the guitar solo of the fourth song to put her back in her box.

There was a pre-sale of the new single at the live too. And it actually has 6 tracks! They said it would have 2 songs + 2 SE, so I didn't expect the instrumentals of the main songs as well. I really like the various non-vocal instrument parts of 瑠璃雨 (rurisame), so I'm glad they ended up including instrumentals ^^  虹化鏡 (kougekyou. I've been unsure about whether that's the correct romanization or if it was supposed to be "nijikakagami", but the band's staff said it's  "kougekyou") sounds like a Brain Hacker song, and I'm sure it'll become a fun song at lives once the fans have gotten used to the melody (added furi). Speaking of which; They did lots of Brain Hacker songs this time, compared to the first oneman. I never got the chance to attend a Brain Hacker live, but the other fans were really happy about it. (I also think I was the only one in the front row who hadn't seen them. *frantically pretends to know what she's doing with the coreography* lol) 

Yossy, Nobu, Kazune and Shizuki all got to do their own solos. Shizuki's was perhaps the most interesting, with someone (two people?) draped in black, and with the help of wooden poles, was made to look bigger and taller than a normal human being. Complete with a 'scream mask' on top, walking around and "dancing" in front of the drum set while Shizuki played. Both Yossy and Nobu sang Brain Hacker songs, while Kazune ran around on stage waving a lightsaber. 

Rumours about this had been going around for a couple of months already, but it's finally official: Art Cube will be going on a European tour in October :D They haven't announced when and where yet. The Japanese fans think France. I guess they're likely to stop by Germany as well. I was a bit surprised at how soon they're going overseas; I would have expected them to wait until next spring. Hope lots of people will come to their lives! :) They'll be selling a Best Of album which is limited to the tour (Within Japan, it'll only be sold at the sponsored event in September).

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