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I have to write this somewhere so I won't forget the date and place;

THE VELVET announced at tonight's live that they'll do a sponsored event at Chelsea Hotel, September 2nd :D They haven't done a sponsored event since... how long? @_@ I know they did a couple of them in 2004.... it's been a while.

As expected, MiMi also announced that Lem (drums) will be leaving the band this month. For the occasion, he got both Lem and Bera to take part in the MC. That's rare! :O Bera said Lem will definitely continue with music, and I'm happy he's not planning on completely disappearing. I had been a bit afraid of what would happen to Velvet, with only two official members left. And it didn't make it any better that right before Bera was about to give us the answer to that, he stopped, unable to continue talking. But fortunately it simply turned out to be that he was really, really nervous about talking in front of us in general. And the final message was "We will not stop. Please don't worry" ^^ It was such a relief hearing that.

All the fans wore polkadots today! :D That was cool. (And MiMi wore a different outfit again. It's interesting that he keeps changing clothes and details for almost every show)
Set list: Stripper, Kurutta yoru ni, Cry Baby, Poison, Kagerou no mukou de, Victor

This was the first time I was at the LIVE INN ROSA livehouse. Has anyone been there before, and can tell me if they always sell food there? There were tables among the merch tables, with various types of hot food o.o It was right next to the stage, so the smell of food was all around as the bands were playing. And today there was a "food battle" between the bands at the end of the live. Among Velvet's members, Lem was chosen to compete. Several of the bands also did rock-scissors-paper with the audience, where Lem was ordered to give something to the winner. The game was decided on the spot, so he hadn't brought anything, but removed the polkadot scrunchie he's been wearing around his wrist, and made a prize out of that :) And it was nice of them to focus so much on Lem this time. I'm gonna miss him.

(@Kurobara; thanks for joining in on the guitar solo parts today ^^ He might not be very obvious about it, but the respons he gave us was that of appreciation. That's why we got the guitar in our face at one point x) )

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