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I should be sleeping

June has been chaotic.... July will be really busy too, but slightly less all over the place I think, so maybe I'll be able to relax a little and catch up on sleep.  

I'm glad the last of the Versailles 5 day lives wasn't too bad, or I would probably have been exhausted this week. We managed to get ourselves some really good spots in the seated area, so we avoided all the pushing, pain and sweat going on around us.
We also managed to avoid the rain most of these days :D Versailles = bad weather, and the last day certainly made up for the previous sunny days. Had to check out at the hotel in Meguro at 11, six hours before the doors opened at Rock May Kan. Went to Shinjuku to get the new Cure as it had Versailles on the cover. Jishuban were preparing for the forthcoming release: (and there was Virgil as well ^^)

Quickly gave up on doing more shopping. Even with an umbrella, there was no escaping all the water D: Bought a couple of magazines and something to drink, and sat down on the Yamanote for a couple of rounds. Exciting.... But there were almost no people on the train, so it was a nice way of keeping dry. Got back to Meguro about half past 1, and it was still raining so I went to Starbucks and spent the next three hours there before finally meeting up with friends. I was afraid the staff would kick me out after a couple of hours, but they never did, and instead came and gave me free drinks :D That's never happened before.

It was a nice change going to another livehouse than the Rock May Kan today. E'm and Art Cube were playing at Club Asia :D Both their sets were really short, so I'm glad I like both of them. 

E'm played Heretical Glare, Seelenheil and Eternal Melody. They did the "Rita rescues Yuuze from Majyu" intro while they were playing the first song, so I guess they didn't have much time today. They had a new ending though. It was Cecir doing magic ^^ Fairly simple stuff of course, but he was really good at it, and a couple of the tricks I have no idea how he did. At the same time, Majyurii was running around wearing Matsuo's head again (the horse), and they even added horse sounds. I keep thinking these guys can't possibly get any weirder, but...

Art Cube did 瑠璃雨 (rurisame), 虹化鏡 (kougekyou) and 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou). And as expected, Seiji didn't bring Rem this time :/ I hope the brief appearance at the previous live wasn't the last we saw of her. But if she'll keep joining them on stage, I wouldn't be surprised if we have to wait until after the Europe tour before we see her again. Speaking of which - Kyoko (another Art Cube saizen) wants me to go with her to Europe in October :O The thing is, I'm crazy enough to actually go. It's really, really tempting, and it would be so much fun to meet up with friends living in various parts of Europe at the same time :D But it's still way too early to say if I'll have the time to go. They haven't even announced when and where yet v__v
They had some non-snake trouble today. The stage at club asia's too wide for me to see what it was though (I was standing in front of Seiji, while this was going on way over on Nobu's side), but it caused Nobu to not being able to play during the first song. They've had more trouble than they used to these last couple of months, most of which seems equipment related. Hope they can get it sorted out before going overseas.
Finally got a better look at their new costumes today :) Although I was in the exact same spot as at the previous live, there's a gap between the stage and the crowd at this livehouse, so I could see more than Seiji's legs this time. Seiji also tried saying something in English. That's a first :D I took a break from the headbanging, and ended up being the only one in front of him who was looking up, so he took the opportunity to kneel down, smile, and say a few words. But yeah, Engrish combined with loud music... so I didn't catch what he was trying to say, but it was still nice of him ^^

And... what happened to the pretty live schedule flyer they had earlier this month? o.o Did they run out and found out about it 5 min. before the doors opened today? The one with the band's picture, was suddenly replaced by this..

Sunh   all
But for once, their website is actually updated, so we don't really need a flyer this time.


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