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I'll try to write something...

Art Cube have a new logo, as seen on the new flyer + keitai cleaner above (new merch from today)

As for the live, I.... don't really know what was going on ^^; It took place at AREA (finally. They hadn't done a live there in ages. It's a great livehouse). There's no gap between the stage and the audience, so unless you're standing a couple of rows back, you're too close to have a good view of all the band members at once. There's always someone blocking your view of someone else. Fortunately the three AC members who can move, moves a lot more now than they once did. So we got the chance to "say hello" to all of them. And the setlist this time was all "Let's see just how much headbanging we can do in 3 minutes" kind of songs, so we probably spent half the live not even looking at the guys on stage f^_^; But at least we had tons of fun :D Both Seiji and Nobu seemed to be in a really good mood; Seiji took the time to smile to all of us in the front row personally at the end of the set. Yossy seemed less nervous than usual, Shizuki was looking down most of the time, so we couldn't really see his face well. Kazune was his normal cool self. And, they didn't have any technical trouble (that I noticed anyway). Let's hope it'll continue this way from now on. I'm tired of their setlist being shortened to three songs D:

1. 虹化鏡 (kougekyou)
2. False praye (the one with all the Brain Hacker furi; hearts & saku for the chorus)
3. 瑠璃雨 (rurisame)
4. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

No time for an MC. Maybe just as well, cause Rem made a return :D And it's during the MCs she tends to start strangling her owner. Don't want to ruin her chances of Seiji bringing her to the live next week. She actually behaved quite nicely this time.

This being a fairly small live, I was surprised at the amount of foreigners there. Several of them seemed to be there for Art Cube (^_^) Hopefully they'll spread the word about the tour (I met several European Art Cube fans at Moi dix Mois' live this Sunday who had no idea they were going abroad  >_> The band needs to figure out exactly when and where soon, so that they can make an official announcement.)

Got a great ticket for the band's sponsored event in September; they were doing a presale tonight. Don't know how much the ticket numbers will matter as this is a three-man, but the staff girl seemed eager that I got a good number, so I'm glad I did. Art Cube's staff is extremely nice and helpful, so you should definitely try and talk to them if you're at a live.

@flist: sorry about not commenting on your entries this past week (>_<) I've been really really busy.

@mrs_fujiwara: I'll reserve my ticket for the 28th in the morning :) Didn't want to do it before tonight's live, as having two reservations in at once makes it more likely that they'll mess up and forget to add my name to one of the lists ^^;
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