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To sum things up

Today has been a day of doing absolutely nothing. Which was extremely nice after all that's been going on lately.

Friday was Art Cube. No technical trouble this time either; seems like they finally got things sorted out, and it's nice to be able to enjoy a full set list again (even though they're short anyway).

1. Pain~ Wing・・・
2. 虹化鏡
3. you're here...
4. 失楽蝶

I wish Seiji would find something slightly more useful to talk about in his MCs, but at least he's able to be entertaining no matter what he talks about. This time he mentioned how they've released three singles (and failed at counting to three on his fingers, lol), and that the new 'keitai cleaner' is good for wiping off foundation from your cellphone, so we should all go buy it. No mention of a certain tour...
They also managed to sell the last copies of the Shitsurakuchou single at this live, so it's all sold out now.

I felt like we should have done more for Seiji's birthday, but a couple of people did bring gifts, so at least he got something.

Saturday was THE VELVET. They've not been doing many lives this spring/summer, and I wasn't able to go the the show in July, so it had been a while since the last time I saw them. But to make it up, they're having another live already this Thursday (^.^)

1. ストリッパー
2. クライベイビィ
3. 狂った夜に
4. ヒロイン
5. ポワゾン
6. 白いカラスは眠れない

This was the first time I saw them without Lem (drummer who left the band in June), which felt really weird, but I'm glad the other two are still continuing. And it's so nice to see how much more confident Bera seems now, compared to a few months ago. (He used to keep to himself, avoiding eye contact etc). He threw himself down on the stage last night and started playing guitar with his teeth x) That's never happened before! But it's great to see him losing his reserve.

Does anyone know of a website or something with info on movie theaters in Shinjuku with a list of when movies are being shown? o.o 
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