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We've had three really strong earthquakes in just four days now <_< I somehow managed to sleep through this one, but felt the other two well enough. Maybe it's because we hadn't really felt anything for several weeks, so there was a need to relieve some tension down there. At least these quakes aren't supposed to be related to the Tokai quake according to people who know more about this than me. But I'm not used to having several floors above my head, so the thought of having them all fall down on me, freaks me out a bit.

Went to Takadanobaba to see THE VELVET today. It's been great keeping busy these past few days. Getting my mind off things....

When I got there and received the bunch of flyers we get as we enter the venue, I noticed Velvet's was not in there. The first thought that hit me was that MiMi forgot, but I then thought "nah... who on earth would forget to bring their own flyers for their live..." and settled with the livehouse simply making a mistake. But later, MiMi confessed to actually forgetting the flyers at home today, lol XD

Usually I get an e-mail from him, with information about when they're going to play - which is really convenient; I wish all bands would do this. But today the order was supposed to be secret. It's been like that a few times before as well, and MiMi always finds ways of letting us know when we should be there without directly telling us (as he's not allowed to). It's nice of him to do so, as unlike the fans of the other bands who constantly have to try and sneak peeks under the curtain, we know when we should move forwards and can relax until then.

They finally did "RIDE ON ME" again! It's been months (>_<) They did a very good set today, much better than the three previous lives, and they both moved around a lot more. And somehow most of the people there seemed to be familiar with Velvet o_O A lot of them knew about the clapping during the Edward Scissorhands introduction, so we all started at the same time. Usually it's just us 7~8 girls in the front, so we can barely hear ourselves. People even did the clapping for the outro, which we usually don't bother with because the band can't hear us anyway. When MiMi asked those who were seeing them for the first time to raise their hands, almost no one did. He had to ask a couple more times to make sure this was actually the case.

To my (and all the other fans') surprise, AREA put up a new poster this week :D It would be great if the band started selling them too. It's pretty big:

(weird angle, but it was the only place I could stand without blocking everyone's way)

@[info]mrs_fujiwara: We need you there! D:
This is what it looked like today...

When the curtain was drawn, he first looked down at me, then at the spot where you were supposed to be standing x)
I'm looking forward to the live next month, when we'll both be there (^.^)

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