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Jetlag! Since I came back from Europe earlier this week, I haven't been able to fall asleep until 6 in the morning, but still had to get up fairly early all of these days, so definitely not feeling too great. But it's been fun hanging out with friends I hadn't seen for a few weeks, going to lives again etc.

Not going to get some sleep for several hours yet, so I might as well kill some time writing something here.

The flight back to Narita was pretty uneventful. I had to transfer flights in Amsterdam, which fortunately has an interesting airport as I had to wait there for more than 7 hours. But the place was quite big, and there was a Starbucks so it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. And the Dutch language is really interesting. I'd never been to the Netherlands before, and hadn't notice just how much it sounds like my own language (as long as you don't listen to the words).

Went to see Art Cube on Friday. Hadn't seen them for more than a month, and E'm~grief~ were playing as well, so it was great getting back to Japan in time for this live.

Art Cube's setlist:
1. 虹化鏡
2. Pain~ Wing・・・ (without the intro)
3. 瑠璃雨
4. Blue Heaven
5. 失楽蝶

Happy about five songs this time, unfortunately still no sight of Rem. And for those overseas who might be wondering: no news about the Europe tour D: Other than Yossy mentioning in his blog yesterday that "oh, we've decided to do a Europe tour", and that he's worried about not being able to smoke on the plane. Dates and places would be nice though, at least if this is supposed to happen next month. Personally I'd prefer them to postpone it a bit. I'd still like to try and go, but I'd need more than a week's notice... As do most people in Europe I assume :/

Other than the setlist being one song longer than usual (yay) I can't really think of anything that stood out that needs mentioning. Still some chances of discomfort for the people standing in front of Seiji, even without Rem. He hit the girl next to me in the face with the riding whip thing he's using during lives and got his sleeves stuck in her hair. I keep having to watch out for this whenever I see them. I especially wish he'd be more careful of where he's waving that whip; I barely avoided getting hit in the eye once. But he didn't bring the microphone stand this time, so we didn't have to fear getting hit by that whenever he'd make it fall over ^^;

E'm did a slightly longer set than usual too, including the duel for Yuuze at the beginning and Majyu running around with the chainsaw at the end. Cecir Time is still awkward (but entertaining for those of us who are not Cecir)

Tonight we went to Takadanobaba mainly for THE VELVET, but a few other good bands were added to the line-up too.

I keep re-discovering MaitoreiA every time I see them. And they're getting more and more like Amaterase (not a bad thing). But what was the point of the new costumes? They're not using them o.O

THE VELVET's setlist: (ah, MiMi beat me to it)
1.真夜中のサーカス (new song, really short)

(@wingsinacage: Shiroi karasu is the headbanging song, not Poison, sorry)

We were 15 fans there today! :D We even had to reserve spots for the front row (which we often aren't enough people to fill up) I know a lot of people aren't fans of this front row system, but it means there are actually enough fans for there to be any point to it, so that's nice. A couple of us did our best to cheer Bera on over at the kamite side, and he seemed really happy and appreciative. So much he started blowing kisses (which is not a particularly Bera-like thing to do x) )
Everyone except the drummer started the first song with the bird cages over their heads. MiMi somehow got the microphone inside the cage despite his head filling up most of it. Towards the end of the live, he started placing the cage over the heads of people in the front row instead. 
He tripped over some cords again, losing his balance but avoiding falling to the floor. MiMi seemed embarrassed for a second, and I couldn't help but laugh at him, to which he responded with a foolish grin and laughed himself. I guess this wasn't as bad as banging his head in the ceiling like at the previous live after all, lol. 

(@zeldana: Kouichi is creepy. He'll stare at you like this σ_σ without blinking. FOREVER.) 

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