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Should be getting to bed soon, as I don't want to be as tired at Jasmine's farewell ceremony tomorrow as I was at today's live. THE VELVET played much later than I expected them to, and I was almost falling asleep towards the end (Been a long week). Not looking forward to that ceremony, but feel like I need to go. And somehow I think it might make me feel slightly better knowing that I'm actually doing something. It will be tough meeting the other fans though, but I hope everyone who wishes to go are able to. It's a holiday, so it should make it easier for people who are usually working or going to school. I'm also scared of doing something wrong, never having been to a ceremony like this before .__.

Anyway... Had a fun day today. But the front row at AREA felt really lonely tonight, being only four fans there D: A fifth girl I'd never seen before showed up right before the band started playing. I think she might have been asked by one of the other fans to join us, as we were missing someone to stand in front of the bassist. But for once Bera had as many girls in front of him as MiMi. That must have been nice ^^ But it really did feel weird with so few of us there. Our own private performance. Of course, when MiMi came out to sell CDs and photosets later, he got a looong line of people who wanted buy stuff/talk to him, or just stand there staring at him. He should be at the tables more often. They sell a lot more stuff when he is. I wonder how long we'll have to wait until Bera joins him again. He hasn't been at the merch tables since April.
They started the set "blindfolded". They had some sort of cloth covering their eyes. They could obviously see through it, but we weren't able to look them in the eyes, which was awkward cause you didn't know where they were looking. MiMi had a blue butterfly stuck to his face again (which, as usual, seemed to disappear sometime in the middle of the live). Bera had shaped his hair into horns, lol.
The set felt shorter tonight. Maybe because MiMi didn't talk so much (only one MC). I was also missing "Ride On Me" and "Kurutta yoru ni" from the setlist :/ Maybe next time...

btw, If anyone is going to the ceremony tomorrow: A couple of us are meeting in front of Hachiko at 1pm and will take the train to Yoga together. If you want to meet us there, send me a message.

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