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News announced at Art Cube's live yesterday can be found in a community entry. I'm so glad we got a paper with the information instead of having to rely on Seiji's MC. He completely messed up last night ^^; With a big smile on his face he announce that "We're releasing a new single in December! :DDD" Followed by silence....
Seiji: "Was that wrong? ..... It was wrong wasn't it...? What is it we're releasing?? @_@;;" *more silence* Yossy, from the side of the stage: "mini-album!" XD He had a list in front of him, the "remember to talk about this" kind of list. But he kept mixing up the various points on it, misreading it etc.

I'm not sure how to read the title of the new album. 螺旋月 can be read as both "rasengetsu" and "rasentsuki". Most native speakers I've asked think "getsu" sounds better, but that doesn't mean it can't be "tsuki", so I'll try to remember asking Art Cube's staff about it at the live this Friday.
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