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Today's live was was really enjoyable for being a live with only small, not so popular, bands.

I don't think I'll ever forget 7191...'s performance. For no apparent reason, the guitarist started bleeding from the face at the very beginning of their set. He was lucky enough to have a white costume, so when he came out to talk with the crowd later, there was blood all over him D: From his neck down to his knees, and it had somehow gotten on the back of his outfit too. He finished the live though (He didn't even stop the song they were playing when he first started bleeding; just kept wiping the blood off his guitar).

The reason for us being there was THE VELVET. Again we were four fans, but three more people joined us so we were able to have a decent front row this time :) And wow, Bera was all over the place today! He was bouncing around on stage by the end of their set. We even got to the point of fanservice, when he suddenly waved MiMi over and kissed him. Then he looked back at me and mrs_fujiwara in a "did you see that!" kind of way XD Being the only people who really do our best to cheer him on, we tend to get a lot of attention from him. He'll always do something and then check if we were watching him. It's cute ^^
And he shaped his hair into horns again x) We decided to complement him on it after the live last Monday, so I guess he'll be doing this often from now on... We were both struggling not to laugh when we noticed ^^;

MiMi was really determined to place the birdcage over my head today as I didn't let him do it at the previous live. It's surprisingly light, I could barely feel it's weight on my shoulders. I wonder how they manage to keep them from falling off when they play and move around with the cages on themselves.
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