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More polkadots


^They did bring candy for us :) Got it from the staff girl after the live, but still, Halloween candy (^o^)

We're usually four girls there, but today there were 18 names on the list of reservations, among them several had reserved 2 tickets o_O Where did they all come from? MiMi looked extremely nervous today. I can't help but think it might have been caused by the fact that we were quite a few foreigners there this time. Usually he's really relaxed and never seems nervous, but he was dripping with sweat during the MC, shaking and kept fiddling with his hair. He kept the MC quite short, saying how he tends to spend the same amount of time as one and a half song talking ^^; And, he also announced that they have another sponsored event coming up! :D I hope I can actually go to this one (>_<) Out of all the lives they've done for the past year, there was only one that I had absolutely no chance of going to, and it happened to be the first sponsored event they've done in five years ;__; I'm glad we didn't have to wait that long again.

I was just joking when I mentioned to friends how Bera would probably shape his hair into horns for every live now that we had called him kakkoii.... But he really is continuing doing his hair like that XD It did look very good today though, as he had curled the back of his hair really nicely, but it still makes me laugh.
He's also continuing going one step at a time towards being less shy and reserved. Last time we got kissing, this time we got grabbing. He kept to the people he was familiar with, but grabbed both mine and mrs_fujiwara's arms, pulling us towards him.
That was unexpected and fun ^^

The setlist:
2. クライベイビィ
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