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THE VELVET @ AREA 2009.12.04

mrs_fujiwara already posted a nice report of last night's event, but as there are some THE VELVET fans who don't follow that journal and won't have that entry popping up on your friends list, I'll post a small summary here as well.

It was the band's last live of 2009, so we brought them all christmas presents. It first started out as wanting to give Bera something for his birthday, but his birthday had already past, so it became a project for December instead.

Handing the gifts to the staff girl when we entered the live house, her immediate reaction was, "oh, is this for MiMi?" -___-; But she seemed really happy when we told her it was for all of them, and she came back to tell us how much they appreciated it after bringing the gifts back stage.

Their set started with a "new" song called ROCK LOVE, which turned out to be an instrumental version of one of their older songs, from when Reina was still the vocalist. All the newer songs are written by MiMi, so it was neat seeing them perform one of Bera's compositions this time (^-^)

MiMi came out on stage wearing one of our gifts; some chain accessory for his glasses. It didn't look like he had originally intended to be wearing glasses this day, cause he'd put on some huge fake lashes, making it difficult for him to blink. But he kept them on for the first song, and had taken care to place the accessory on the left side of his glasses, so that me and mrs_fujiwara would notice it :)
One of our gifts for Bera was a drawing (which you can see a picture of in mrs_fujiwara 's journal). He had done his best to look as much like it as possible x) Arranging his hair and scarf like that, and wearing black socks to make his shoes appear more like the ones in the drawing.

And to my delight, they finally played RIDE ON ME again :D I can't even remember the last time I heard it live. Now we have a long wait until their next live in January. But it will be a sponsored event, which means a longer set, so it'll be worth waiting for ^^

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