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Art Cube's 3rd oneman @ 目黒鹿鳴館

Why do I tend to get sick right before oneman lives? (>_<) Fortunately I didn't have to go out yesterday, and was able to stay inside all day so my fever went down. But despite still feeling like a zombie when I woke up this morning, I definitely didn't want to miss Art Cube's 2nd anniversary oneman :)

^Tonight's setlist. No one seemed to mind me taking it, and that was easier than copying it by hand. (No one seemed to mind me first jumping up on stage to take a picture of it either, lol. I halfway expected some of the livehouse staff to yell at me to get down). A couple of the songs are out of order (Kougekyou was the last encore, not Soaring awakening, which by the way is the 'new song' that's been a part of their setlist at the two previous lives. But all the songs they played are on the list). I wish they would include the names of the solos Kazune, Shizuki, Yossy and Nobu did. They sounded familiar. They also had a guest playing with them for Yossy and Nobu's solos. A foreigner on guitar who no one knew who was. Maybe just a random friend?

The Europe Tour digest DVD was a free gift. Last year, we got a poster, and they also gave out another digest DVD at a sponsored event last sping :) I thought this DVD would just contain footage from their lives in France, but it's actually mostly random footage of the band walking around Paris, visiting shops, playing games at an arcade and bowling.

Also, Seiji and a helium balloon:

I really, really enjoyed tonight's live, despite not feeling all that great. Part of the reason for this wasn't related to the band, but some friends who haven't been coming to the lives lately (Well, almost no one has been coming lately ;_;) had said they would show up for the oneman. The other Seiji fans are still missing, so by now it doesn't look like they'll return, but it was really nice meeting up with those other girls again.
Most people who came today seemed to prefer staying in the back though. I had ticket number 10, but had no problem getting my usual spot in front of Seiji, and a friend who had number 49 could still be in her regular spot as well. But at least several of the others who joined us in the front were showing a lot of energy during the performance, and everyone, including the band, looked like they were having a good time ^^

Art Cube have been chaging their costumes for the previous onemans, so I was wondering if they would appear in new outfits today. Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer; no real costume changes yet, but Seiji performed the first half of the live wearing a mix of his first and most recent outfit. He was dressed in the regular black and red corset and black hotpants, but with the feather and flower headpiece he used last year. And he wasn't wearing a wig this time, surprising several of the Art Cube fans (who don't go to Moi dix Mois' lives) with his curly red hair. For the second part of the show he changed into a white coat. I never went to a Brain Hacker live, nor have I seen a picture of this coat, but I think it might have been one of the coats he wore back then. It looked old, and, it was open in the front showing off his stomach; i.e. showing off his "Brain Hacker" tattoo. That was a surprise... I guess we're done pretending he's not Zethji now.

They didn't mention the upcoming South American tour during the live, but the dates are printed on one of the flyers we got. The band will also be doing another sponsored event on April 16th at Takadanobaba AREA.

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