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It's getting late, and I'll have to get up early, so this'll be short...

Went to Art Cube's last live of 2009 on the 22nd. Setlist shorter than usual:
1. 螺旋月 (rasenzuki)
2. Pain~ Wing・・・
3. Soaring awakening
4. 虹化鏡 (kougekyou)

Though the majority of the regulars aren't going to the lives anymore, we still managed to fill the front row, so the live was quite enjoyable. (It really affects a live performance if there's only a couple of people present showing any interest in what's going on on stage). They announced the South American tour (Or, at least that they are going to Brazil... Why no mention of the other countries? o.o) Seiji talked about samba, and tried incorporating it with his regular dancing during the guitar solo x) We were also given a stamp card, allowing us to collect stamps at the forthcoming lives. Once we've gathered enough of them, they'll give us a gift ^^

I wonder how many will go to the instore event next month. Apart from myself, I know of 4 others who are planning on attending. Picked up my copy of the mini-album in the afternoon, and got ticket #5. This might turn out to be one slightly embarrassing event (@_@)
If you're in Tokyo in January and have some interest: the event is taking place at Jishuban (Shinjuku) on January 23rd. They'll first do a talk event answering questions from fans, followed by a sign and handshake session.

I promised to try and spread the word about this band, and might as well do so in my journal:
Female duo. Really cool girls. Not a visual band, but they did their first live at a VK event yesterday, and they'll be doing mostly lives with visual bands from now on. So if you're interested in vk, have some time to spare and just want to check out some new stuff, try one of the events they're playing at :)
(They also seemed genuinely interested in Art Cube upon introducing them to the band, so it would be fun if they'd eventually be able to appear at the same live :) ) 
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