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Encroachment -薔薇王国の仮面舞踏会-


Ended up going to Kaya's oneman tonight, even though I hadn't been planning on going. But then Kamijo was added to the guest list, and I got a ticket mrs_fujiwara  had bought a while ago, giving me an excellent seat among the Addict fanclub members ^^

As we entered the concert hall, we were given a pamphlet, some flyers and a couple of Blue Rose Excursion tickets (I thought that tour already ended? o.o Also, we aren't supposed to get two of them at a time, are we?) All of it placed inside an official clear folder. (One of those you can buy at the merch table; see through with Kaya's logo printed in red). In addition to this, they gave us a small bottle of Yakult XD This was Yakult Hall afterall...

Looking through the pamphlet, I could see that Veronica and Lil' (drag queens) had been added as guests as well :D Hadn't seen them since summer 2008, so that was a neat surprise. Other people who participated were four male dancers: Yui, Hiroyuki, Ryoushin and Aki (Looks like they found a replacement for Ochi, and Aki was really great). The two female dancers, Kitty and Ayano, as well as a guest dancer called Rioto (Fabulous guy; glitter and feathers all over. Fitted right into a Kaya oneman). And of course, Kamijo and Hizaki playing the roles of the Prince and Princess visiting from the Kingdom of Versailles.

It was supposed to start at 6pm, but for some reason it started 20 minutes early, causing some fans to miss the beginning of it (>_<) The show consisted of three acts. In the first and shortest act, we were introduced to "Princess Carmilla, living in a kingdom surrounded by roses". In the second act, the Royals from Versailles joined in for a royal ball with Carmilla. Rioto did some solo ballet dancing, while the others danced in pairs. Kamijo and Hizaki were wearing their newest costumes for this part. I noticed a long, glittery earing hanging from Kamijo's right ear, and was wondering for a second if he'd pierced his ear in an unusual spot. But when he got closer, I could see the ear wasn't pierced at all. He'd just hung it over the pinna XD I'm surprised it didn't fall off mid-live. 

After the dancing, act two ended. Kaya did a costume change for act three, putting on a princely outfit and a long blonde wig, as he became Prince Chocolat (French pronounciation). Kamijo joined him on stage, continuously addressing him as Prince Chocoreeto (Japanese pronounciation) instead. They called Hizaki on stage as well, and did "Rose Jail" together (Kamijo forgetting when he was supposed to start singing). By now, they'd changed into the Prince & Princess outfit. Later, they did Glitter Arch (Again, Kamijo messing up when it came to doing the furi ^^;). And Kamijo was wearing the pants and black shirt of the new costume (The lower part of his jacket, that looks like it's stuck to his pants, is obviously detachable)

In between the three acts, the dancers would do dance solos set to the songs of Kaya's new remix album. No singing from Yui this time unfortunately. It also just hit me now that Kaya didn't talk much this time. He usually does really, really, really, really (really, really) long MCs, but he barely talked at all tonight. But when he did talk, he'd talk more to the audience than he's done at previous onemans, commenting on what people were wearing, letting us speak to him and answering back etc. So that was pretty nice and made the live more personal.

I'm usually not a fan of lives at concert halls, mainly because you're stuck at your seat throughout the show, while I prefer a mosh pit. But this time the chairs were really close to the stage (I wouldn't have been any closer even if they hadn't been there), the stage was quite low, and Yui got off the stage to join us on the floor :D Overall a really enjoyable live. 

(Kaya has a couple of special events coming up that haven't been announced on the official site yet: He's doing a Valentine's Day oneman on February 12th, and a White Day fanclub event on March 13th.)


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