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Yesterday's countdown live was longer than last year's. It ended with a couple of encores by Panic Channel about 4 in the morning. There were also less people there than last time, and as the most interesting bands played before 8pm, a lot of people left before the actual countdown.

XOVER was scheduled to appear, while Ⅶ-Sense was added last minute. But on the day of the live, XOVER seemed to have cancelled, and weren't playing afterall. Some of Kouichi's equipment was there though. The amp behind erina said 'Kouichi guitar master'.

Unfortunately their set was quite short; only three songs before they took off (None of them came out to talk or sell anything etc.) The songs they played were two rock tunes and one ballad. It's amusing to see them all looking so serious, except Mikage smiling broadly in the back ^^ He looks slightly out of place.
For those of you who can read Japanese, he has a column in the HOLIDAY magazine (click on the image to enlarge):

Their music sounded pretty generic rock, but they're still a new band, so I'm not giving up on them yet. And of course, the vocals are better than a lot of other groups. I'm sure they'll appear at Art Cube's lives, so it won't be too difficult keeping track of them. And I'm happy for Juka, finally having a band of his own; hopefully it'll last a bit longer than his other projects. And he's looking good, btw. Gained some weight since I last saw him, which suits him more. He was wearing one of his fur trimmed jackets, black shirt and tight black pants, and the usual necklace. His hair looked a more whitish blonde, than silver.
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