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Midnight Circus 第2怪

Haven't written about the lives I've been to recently. There's just been too much going on this past week. I'll try to get through my flist eventually too....

But we had fun at both the Versailles event and the live with Art Cube/Kaya/XOVER this week. Hadn't expected to see the vocalists of those three latter bands sing together on stage (They did a XOVER song. While Seiji was playing around with a toy gun thing.... I don't think that made sense to anyone), and then all leave hand in hand.

But my main point with this entry is to write about THE VELVET's sponsored event that we went to today (or, yesterday by now). Not being able to go to the one in September, it was my first big event with them, and I had been impatient to finally be able to enjoy a longer performance. And it was so much fun! ^^

I'll steal the setlist from MiMi once he posts it. I wouldn't be able to remember the order of the songs. But they played most of them, with the exception of "yume akindo" and "ROCK LOVE", including a new song ("Plastic *something*??" Didn't get what MiMi was trying to say.)

edit - setlist:
1.真夜中のサーカス (mayonaka no circus)
2.狂った夜に (kurutta yoru ni)
3.ヒロイン (heroine)
4.クライベイビィ (cry baby)
5.ポワゾン (poison)
6.君が見た夢 (kimi ga mita yume)
7.プラスティックドール (plastic doll; tentative title)
9.ヴィクトール (Victor)
10.白いカラスは眠れない (shiroi karasu wa nemurenai)
11.陽炎の向こうで (kagerou no mukou de)

The new song's (temporary) title is "Plastic Doll", so I wasn't too far off.

They wore even more polkadots than usual, and even Bera had changed his outfit a bit, wearing a long polkadotted shirt instead of his usual black coat/jacket thingie. A lizard drawn on his face, and his hair shaped into horns again x) (The lizard was the exact same shape and size as the brooch MiMi often used in 2008. Maybe it has some special symbolism attached to it?) Both wore polkadotted tights, matched by both me and mrs_fujiwara  today. MiMi also wore a polkadotted onepiece, the Alice in Wonderland clock on his chest, and he'd cut his hair and permed it again, so it was less of a mess. Hairs from his extensions kept falling off though ^^; He was shedding long white hairs throughout the entire performance.
It was not only the band who was covered in polkadots today; When we went to pick up our tickets before the doors opened, the entire ticket table was decorated with them, as was the livehouse staff :D

The show started with the intro from Edward Scissorhands, followed by Mayonaka no Circus, which had MiMi seated in the middle of the stage, pretending to be reading what he was singing from a book. Around his head, hung the birdcages. I'd been hoping to see the cages again, and MiMi did take one of them down by the end of the live and placed it over the head of one of the girls ^^ Both him and Bera were interacting today. I always wished Art Cube would do that more; we're such a small group of fans anyway. In the middle of the gyakudai part of the last song, MiMi came over to our side of the stage and took hold of my free hand. At first I was appreciating how gentle he was compared to Bera, but I guess he just wanted to make sure he had a firm grip of my hand, cause he soon started pulling me forwards with all his might, repeatedly slamming me into the railing ^^;; And he didn't let go after the first round of gyakudai, so I had to do it all over again. After talking to mrs_fujiwara  who was standing next to me, he apparently had an amused look on his face while doing this. lol, thanks MiMi.
At the end, Bera threw his guitar pick at me, and I actually managed to catch it mid air, with one arm. I'm amazed at myself. Why does this never happen at Versailles lives or any other live where that's pretty much the only way of getting the things they throw out? (No space to bend down and pick it up, and a billion people looking for it as soon as the show's over)

Some news: A new release! :D MiMi said they'll release a new CD this spring. Bera said that was impossible, to which MiMi replied it was already decided... Either way, we'll get a new release from them this year ^^ (They already have three songs finished??)

As usual, we had MiMi tripping over the cords on stage again x) He also managed to get the cord of his mic completely entangled with the cord of Bera's guitar, resulting in a "oi, MiMi-san *points to mess on the floor*" by Bera, and they had to try and untangle it all before continuing.

No more lives planned for the next three weeks (Though there is the Art Cube instore event to look forward to of course), but it's probably for the best as I'll have loads of other work to do the rest of this month @_@ I can't wait until spring vacation starts, about a month from now. (Why is it so late this year?)

Hope you all had nice holidays and a good start to 2010 (^o^)

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