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Another quick post before I go to bed

Art Cube did a threeman with Lucy and E'm~grief~ today.

1. 螺旋月 (rasenzuki)
2. Pain~ Wing・・・
3. Blue Heaven
4. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)
5. False Praye
6. Soaring awakening

lol, False Praye... None of us were expecting that song, and they hadn't played it for several months. So during the entire first part of it, before the chorus, we were just standing there looking confused (An entire row of people going "Wait... what song is this again..? False Praye? Ah! What do we do??!") The band looked pretty confused too, at none of us doing any furi, but about half of us remembered what we were supposed to do once we got to the chorus, fortunately (Which happens to be the most complicated of all the coreography to any of their songs, while what we're supposed to do before that part is actually pretty basic stuff. And still we all failed x) ) Hope they'll give us a second chance on Friday.

Nobu was back on stage today :D His bass playing sounded like it always does, so I guess his arm's healed up pretty well. It was nice seeing him again. It's always fun to watch him jump around making strange faces.

The band's currently working on a new set of costumes. Their current ones have become a bit worn out by now. Seiji had made a few changes to his today, as the big 'dead butterfly wings' that have been attached to his back had started to fall apart. He'd changed them into a smaller, detachable pair today, and removed them completely for the encore. Yossy finally got a new wig that looks a lot better on him than the purple one.

The encore was a session with the three bands. Ruido K4 is a very small stage though, so all members can't fit on there at the same time (especially with E'm and Art Cube's costumes), so Seiji and Shizuki were the only Art Cube members that participated. They did E'm's "Pains of aspiration", both Sakaki (Lucy's vocalist) and Seiji obviously not knowing the lyrics, and the latter messing up several times.

Next live coming up in less than a week ^^ Maybe they'll announce some news then.

(edit: Well that was sudden... They didn't mention anything about it at this live, but the South American tour has apparently been canceled. I guess that explains the staff girl being kinda vague about it when talking to her about the tour last night.)
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