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The last couple of days:

Saw Art Cube at Kengo's birthday live again yesterday, so I'll post this while I still remember the setlist:
1. 螺旋月 (rasenzuki)
2. Blue Heaven
3. Pain~ Wing・・・
4. Soaring awakening
5. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

Lots of Moi dix Mois fans showed up. Not too surprising considering Seth, K and Sugiya would all be present. Most were K fans though, but one girl liked Seth enough to join me in front of him ^^ (Still don't get why I'm usually the only Seiji fan at their lives :/ ) It's s great to see Sugiya outside of M10M, without the headgear and sack he's usually wearing, he's adorable. K played guitar both for Sus4 and Grand Zero at this event, and his style is really different from how most of us are used to seeing him. At the end he was presented with a birthday cake, and then came out to the merch tables to talk with the fans.

Art Cube has a new flyer announcing their new release, including pictures of the covers:

(not the best quality, but my camera's battery is dead at the moment so I had to use my cellphone)
I didn't ask the staff girl about the proper way to read the kanji in the title though. She seemed embarrassed enough last time ^^;; I'll just wait until Seiji says the title during an MC.
More bands have been added to the lineup for their sponsored event in April as well; Kaya, VII-Sense and E'm~grief~ among others, so I'm sure they'll get a decent crowd, and the event should be pretty interesting, especially if they do a session at the end again :)

Today (eh... yesterday) was another live with THE VELVET.
I still have a bruise on my arm from the gyakudai part of the last song. Not because of MiMi this time, but Bera. Seems we're taking it in turns to hurt the foreigner now... But Bera looked like he was having lots of fun, so I couldn't help but laugh back at him. He even gave me a big, intentional, smile before taking my hand (I think it's the first time I've seen that since I started going to their lives a couple of years ago) so that was great and I can live with a bruise for a day.

1. Stripper
2. Cry Baby
3. Dress Code
4. Poison
5. Plastic Doll
6. Shiroi karasu wa nemurenai

We were just the four regulars today, but fortunately the live took place at Rock May Kan, where the stage is a lot narrower than their usual livehouse (AREA), so it didn't feel quite as empty as it would have at another venue. They haven't played at Rock May for at least six years, so it was interesting seeing them there, and I really enjoyed it so hopefully they'll schedule more lives there from now on. This livehouse used to be a theater, and it fits the image of the band. 

Now, off to make a phonecall and then get some sleep. I'm so glad tomorrow is Sunday @_@ Just Monday and Tuesday left, and then finally my vacation can start.
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