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The live started off with a solo by Bera again :D I wish he'd do solos like this more often.
There were some slight costume trouble, but they fixed that, and the live went on without any more problems, even the MC was fine ^^ And I was so happy when they started playing RIDE ON ME. Ever since the latest release, it's rarely been part of the setlist u_u

Bera was lively today, smiling a lot and even talking. Unfortunately he didn't come out to the goods table, but MiMi did for the first time in a while. Got to hand him some belated Valentine's chocolate, and he complimented my outfit, aww x)

They were selling a couple of new photosets. Lots of pictures, and really cheap. One set was 1000 yen, and each consists of six photos. I'm sure they could have charged more for them (Not that I'm complaining). It's been a while since people got some new photos of them, hasn't it? I'm spoiled with getting to see them pretty much every other week, so I don't really think that much about it, but I know there are fans overseas too and so does the band. Maybe they should consider some sort of online gallery...? I always find it kind of awkward to buy photos of someone from that person. Didn't make it any better when MiMi started showing us every single picture ^^; (They're taken at "THE VELVET's private photo studio" ....In other words, MiMi's room, lol) But he'd been working really hard to get them done for today's live. In my previous entry, I mentioned how it would be nice if Bera would do his hair like he does for lives as well as having the lizard on his face like at the sponsored event, and turns out he's got both in the photos :D   .......Please let this be a coincidence.

edit: that's cute ^^ 

Next live is Versailles, on the 28th! :D Haven't been to Yokohama since their live there in March 2009. I remember really liking the trains there. It'll be nice going back, and not having to travel all the way from Togane this time.
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