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Art Cube Presents 『Art Box』

Our cold and rainy spring is continuing.... It's been snowing in parts of the city today, and with the windy weather we're having, the experienced temperature is apparently below zero (°C)  (edit: oh, just checked with a news website, and turns out this was the coldest mid-April day in Tokyo since 1961)

Which made is slightly uncomfortable having to arrive at the livehouse early and wait outside for an hour, but it was worth it in the end as today's lineup was pretty good :)

GPKISM is popular among the overseas communities, and I remember talking to Ken (vocals) a few years ago, so I was curious to see them live for the first time. And Ken really impressed me, so I'm glad they ended up being added to the list of bands :) I knew Ryonai had collaborated with them lately, but for some reason hadn't expected him to be on stage tonight, so that was a really nice surprise! :D All he did was dance along to the rhythms and attempt an MC, but it was still cool to finally see him.

It looks like Kaya has regained some fans now. He had several rows of people screaming his name. Of course it might be due to the other bands playing; there were obviously lots of Moi dix Mois fans there this time.
1. Paradise Lost
2. 傀儡 (kugutsu)
looong MC
3. Rose Kingdom
4. Rose Jail
I wish he'd spend less time talking and more time singing, but it's always been like this. He had some announcements, also including one of the Art Cube members: He'll do another live show with Seiji and Loki in June (6th), and again they'll sing songs from musicals etc. 

As promised we were given a digest DVD from the previous oneman as we entered the venue. This time the footage is set to Soaring awakening. During the MC Seiji told us they will have their next oneman in August! No date given yet.

The songs they played:
1. 蓮華宙
2. Pain~ Wing・・・
3. 虹化鏡
4. 花陽影~Petal~
5. Soaring awakening
6. 失楽蝶
At the end of the live, Art Cube were joined on stage by Kaya, VII-Sense and E'm to do a session together. The song they did was "20th Century Boy" by T.Rex (thank you aitreni for the info! I wasn't familiar with it) Seiji was the only one of them somewhat familiar with the lyrics, so the three others just did their best contributing with their voices at random parts. Mikage entered the stage with the big inflatable banana we saw him carrying around a few years ago, lol. I wonder if it's the same from back in Node of Scherzo, or if he got a new one for the occasion. He then proceeded to hit people (softly) on the head with it.

Art Cube's new single was available for presale at this live. And a new AC release, means more confusion about how to read kanji (-o-;) I've mostly seen the title track written as "hanabikage" online, but Seiji was saying it as "hanahikage". (edit: Nobu confirmed that it IS supposed to be "hanahikage") I asked some of the Japanese fans about the second song, 蓮華宙, and they didn't know how to read it. And neither does any of the members except Nobu it seems?? They asked Yossy how to read the name of the songs, and his answer was "ummmm..." So I guess we shouldn't feel bad for not knowing either x)
btw, there's a "KALM" credited in the booklet for arrangement of 蓮華宙... I'm assuming this is the guy from Velvet Eden as I haven't heard of any other person who goes by that name. If so, that's really neat :D

The band used their new costumes for the first time on stage at this event, and they're looking good. It's a little strange to see Seiji without anything red this time, but his new white dress is gorgeous. And it's not as heavy as it looks; the arms for instance are a sort of white fishnet-ish material. Still not sure what to think of his new wig though. Maybe we can get an explanation from him about what kind of image he was going for with the design of it. There are feathers above each ear, and the shape of it is strange. Kazune's outfit reminds me of a pope, but it looks cool on him, and I really like the new hair together with his make-up. His costume on the other hand, does look rather warm. But at least he doesn't have to move around a lot. Overall the costumes are really colourful and bright: <screen cap>


( 7 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )
Apr. 16th, 2010 06:29 pm (UTC)
Aaah, I've been envying you for being able to go to this one. L'eprica was there too right? I have a huge weak spot for their vocalist. xD And it's nice to hear that you liked Ken's vocals, perhaps I'll go see them some time then. (Despite my strong hatred towards Kiwamu, he seriously makes it difficult to be a GPKISM-fan)
Apr. 16th, 2010 06:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah, L'eprica was the second band playing :)

And you wouldn't have to notice Kiwamu much. He was just standing there playing his guitar, so you wouldn't have had any problems ignoring him if you wanted to, what with Ryonai twirling around in a silly manner right next to him to keep your mind off anything else.
Ken was really charming. (And it was somewhat nice to have someone on stage who spoke entirely in English for once :p)
Apr. 16th, 2010 06:55 pm (UTC)
<33 I really wish I could have seen them more when I was there.

Yeah, I know. It's off the stage I can't stand him. (Unless he's got one of those days where he goes batshit at the audience and crew that is =P)
That's the impresion I've got of Ken too, "charming", and very beautiful. I am totally in love with his voice too.
Apr. 16th, 2010 07:00 pm (UTC)
He joined Ken at the merch table for a while, but I couldn't hear any loud ranting from where I was standing, so I assume things went by peacefully... He's more prone to those things at lives overseas is he?

But even if you don't particularly like Kiwamu, they're worth seeing for Ken's sake (And Ryonai if you get the chance :D)
Apr. 16th, 2010 08:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've never heard about him losing it for anything in Japan. But overseas it's different. Last thing I read was that he and that Roger-guy made a number out of a girl taking a flyer from the wall (With staff permission). Apparantly he ripped it to shreds by their merch table. xD

I really want to see Ryonai too, so if they ever come anywhere near here I'll definitely try and see them. ^^
Apr. 18th, 2010 08:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the review. What a list: Art Cube, Kaya and Em! I'm glad to hear that Kaya had more fans and one day I'll manage to see Em as well... *shakes fist*

I'm really on the fence about GPKISM. Their music is the kind of stuff I normally like, but it just doesn't do it for me. I tried to review one of their CDs and gave up because the construction of the songs seemed so similar that I ended up writing the same about every song. It also annoys me that Kiwamu promotes them as "the new Malice Mizer". Apart from Ryonai's wig (did he wear it?) that looks like one of Kozi's Bara era wigs I see no similarities.

I really look forward to AC's new CD. I saw the PV and the song (and Seiji's costume) is very nice. BTW according to CD Japan the title is Hanabikage, but they also call Kisaki's new band Rin while everybody on LJ thinks it is pronounced Lin.
Apr. 19th, 2010 11:00 am (UTC)
Art Cube, Kaya and E'm are doing another event together (with VII-Sense) in a couple of months. So hopefully that means they might continue doing this once in a while in the future too. They really do fit well together on stage.

I hadn't really heard much of GPKISM's music prior to this live and therefore don't know how interesting I'd find the studio versions, but I did enjoy the songs they played live (Don't know which ones that would be in terms of titles.) And yeah, maybe people should just ignore some of the things Kiwamu says/does. He wasn't the reason why I enjoyed their set anyway.
And Ryonai was wearing the wig :) Despite not really doing anything, he was interesting to watch. And he seemed to have a nice sense of humour.

Nobu (bass) tends to choose difficult ways of reading kanji for their song titles (None of the Japanese fans know how to read them when there's a new release, neither did the staff when I asked them, nor the band member who wrote the melodies x)
Seiji did indeed pronounce it as Hanahikage, so he's either wrong, or that's just how Nobu decided it should be. I don't want to bother the members with more "how do I read kanji" questions ^^; But maybe some of the overseas fans could send a request to the band about adding romaji, or at least furigana to the info on their website. It's clearly needed.
( 7 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )

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