Jeanette (chounohana) wrote,

Planet CHILD Music Presents『氷床済世イデア』 @ 高田馬場AREA

Just got home from THE VELVET's only live this month.

Today's setlist:
1. Heroine
2. Kurutta yoru ni
3. Cry Baby 
4. Poison
5. Shiroi karasu wa nemurenai
6. Victor

They played later than usual, and I didn't find the five bands playing before them all that interesting, so it was a long and boring wait. But the first band did have a rather talented vocalist. They were called Haljion, and as far as I can tell just started their activities late last year. I'll mention them here to help myself remember them for later.

Velvet weren't wearing their usual outfits today; mainly black clothes with polkadotted tights and accessory. Some of the accessory Bera was wearing was old items from Velvet Eden, including the skull choker. But he had now painted it white with black dots. I sort of hope it's not permanent paint as I would be kind of sad if it was "ruined". It was really nostalgic seeing it in its original form last year. But I guess it does suit their current look more like this. He was also wearing a feather trimmed sheer robe x) But it sort of went with the rest of the look (He'd fluffed up his hair). MiMi was dressed in a simple black top and skirt.

MiMi didn't bring the new props with him on stage this time, but went back to the electric lantern he got last year. It looks really cool, so I won't mind him using it more :) And thankfully Bera stayed mostly at the right side of the stage for the guitar solos. It's even more embarrassing waving my arms for the solos when he's at the center of the stage (where everyone are in zombie mode >.<)

There were a couple of incidents with hitting ourselves with the lantern and falling, but musically the performance was great :D I'd have loved to hear ROCK LOVE again, as I think an instrumental song like that makes the set overall more varied and interesting, but they played both Shiroi karasu and Victor, so I'm pretty happy with that (^^)

Their next live is May 21st.... which gives me a problem (>_<) Art Cube recently updated their schedule, and it turns out they'll have a live that day as well - in a different part of the city. I already know when Velvet are playing, so IF Art Cube play a little early that night, I might be able to go see them first and then rush over to Takadanobaba to catch Velvet's set. I love Art Cube's lives; they're always loads of fun, and I really enjoy meeting up with the other fans. On the other hand, I'd feel extremely bad being absent from Velvet's live, knowing the entire right side of the stage will then be empty D: And it would also mean I won't get to see them again for about two months .__. I'll just have to do my best to make it to both events on the 21st.

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