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Z様 @ Diva's Banquet vol.2

I'll try to write a little about yesterday's event, before getting some sleep. (Though I think I'll end up skipping tomorrow anyway, as this coming week will be long enough as it is without starting it being exhausted). The event was Diva's Banquet; a gathering of vocalists: Kaya, Z (Art Cube), Loki (ex-Sugar) and amonn (Mello).

The first thing we had to figure out when getting inside the venue, was which side of the stage we should stand at. Kaya would be in the middle, but there wasn't really any way of telling where the three others would be, so we just took a chance and went to the left side. Which was a good decision, as when the curtain was drawn, we had Seiji right in front of us (^^) He looked a bit surprised at seeing us at the perfect spot.

The first song they did was Kaya's "Rose Kingdom". They had all learned the furi for it, so we did that together. amonn was really nervous about forgetting the lyrics though, so he had them written on his hand ^^; Normally you'd write stuff in your palm, but he had the lyrics written on the upper side of his hand, so we could all see it. He later added the lyrics for the encore too, lol. Loki commented that Seiji had something written on him too. ("Brain Hacker" all over his stomach).

Kaya was dressed in his Carmilla outfit (short version), Seiji in an old Brain Hacker coat, and Loki in a skimpy latex(?) outfit with a king's cloak on top of it. amonn had a coat that matched Seiji's except the details were gold not silver.

Seiji then sang "Hanahikage" from Art Cube. The guitar solo part was a bit awkward without the actual guitarist, and Seiji's elegant AC dancing looks kinda off when he's just wearing hotpants. But I really enjoyed hearing an Art Cube song! And most people joined us in the furi (more so than at an actual AC live...)

Loki joined him on stage for a duet from Takarazuka's Elisabeth (I'm pretty sure it was from Elisabeth, but I can't remember the name of the song. Will have to go through the CD). The next duet was "A whole new world" from Aladdin, performed by Kaya and amonn. They should really do more Disney songs!

One of my biggest regrets from not going to the previous Diva's Banquet (I really couldn't go that day, no matter how much I wanted to), was missing Seiji and Kaya's performance of "The Phantom of the Opera". So to my surprise and joy they did the song this time as well :D It really showed off Seiji's voice (And made Kaya's sound a little weak in comparison ^^; ) But it made me feel a lot better about missing out on it earlier, and I hope they'll repeat it again at a possible third Banquet event!

Loki and amonn did some solo songs. I know nothing about Loki's current project, König, so I don't know what song he sang. But they announced a tour with Kaya for August, where Art Cube and König will appear as guests, so I'll get to know them better then. Apart from the national tour, Kaya also announced the news of his new forthcoming single, "Awilda" (which the tour is supposed to promote).

Last time they focused their performance on songs from animes. This time they did various pop songs instead; some I was familiar with, and some I'd never heard. While the different vocalists took turns singing, the others were seated on a sofa at the back of the small stage. Songs were: Love is Over (Seiji), Hajimari wa itsumo ame (Loki), I LOVE YOU (amonn), Doll's House (Kaya).

At the end, Kaya finally did "Kasha" again! I'd been wanting to see this song live again really badly, as it's filled with energy, and I like the parts were we're all jumping together ^^ It's fun.
This was followed by "Rose Jail", and all four of them sang it together. It was more violent than the last few times, and I ended up getting hit hard enough in the head to see stars; Seiji looking concerned at his two fans getting smashed up right in front of him. But I'm used to this song, and know to expect a few bruises etc. The final encore was Glitter Arch.

Another nice surprise was the selling of cheki (polaroids) after the live. It was the first time Seiji had done this, and the pictures are really cute ^^ Hopefully it won't be a one-time thing.
The next Art Cube live is coming up already this Friday :D They're really busy this month, so I hope Kazune will be out of the hospital soon to rejoin them!

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