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VII-Sense 3ヶ月連続主催 第三夜

If I haven’t been commenting much on people’s entries this week, it’s because I don’t have internet access at home at the moment (currently using a friend’s connection), as the cable that goes from the modem into the wall broke last weekend. Now I have to wait for NTT to send me a new one, and apparently that’s gonna take another few days (called them today).

Tuesday, VII-Sense did a similar sponsored event as Art Cube had done a couple of months earlier.

Only difference was inviting Secilia Luna to play instead of GPKism. I was glad for the chance to see Secilia Luna again, though I felt bad for them since it was so obvious they didn’t have many fans there (Especially compared to the amount of people who came). But the vocalist is always smiling a lot, and looks like he’s having lots of fun interacting with the fans that are there :)

After Secilia Luna was done, it was E’m~grief~ turn. I haven’t been able to follow them for a while, and lost track of some of the songs, but I think this was the setlist:

1. Seelenheil
2. Eternal Melody
3. In paradism ~淡い色彩~
4. Amentia

They changed their look since I last saw them, and it looks really nice. I especially like Cecir, which now reminds me a lot of Jasmine (It kinda looks like that was his intention. This is what he looks like now). Unfortunately there wasn’t time for one of his magic shows.

Kaya was third. Lately his lives are starting to be more and more like they used to be a couple of years ago (i.e. a lot more enjoyable and fun). Did he go back to being indie? Maybe that has something to do with it…


1. Rose Kingdom
2. Awilda
3. 火車 (kasha)
4. Rose Jail

I’m pretty happy about the setlist this time (^^) He could have had time for one more song if he didn’t talk so much during his MCs though :p I had been hoping he would play both Rose Kingdom and Kasha, as I really enjoy the furi for these songs, especially the latter. I was a bit surprised at him choosing to debut Awilda, since it wasn’t his event. But I’m glad he did, because it was a great song, and now I’m really looking forward to hearing the CD (Hopefully the studio version will sound the same). Kaya said he had been wanting to do a pirate theme for quite a while now. It would be cool if he showed up in the Awilda costume, including the eye patch at a live later. (This time he was wearing the Carmilla dress; first the long version and changed into the short skirt for the last song)

The fourth band was the one me and most of my friends were there to see; Art Cube. And thankfully they did a much better job than last week, giving us five songs this time:

1. 花陽影 (hanahikage)
2. Pain~ Wing・・・
3. 蓮華宙
4. False Praye(r)
5. 虹化鏡 (kougekyou)

I kinda hoped Seiji wouldn’t be wearing the wig, as he’d been writing several entries in his blog about how awesome his newly re-permed hair is x) But I guess we’ll have to wait until Moi dix Mois in Saitama next Saturday. (It’s going to be a pain getting there in full Moitié in the July heat and humidity T_T)

They finally opened their set with something other than Rengechuu… It’s a weird song. I still miss ubugoe as an intro, but Hanahikage is a nice song too :D
For the past couple of lives, Seiji’s seemed more open and free with the audience (Like he is with Moi dix Mois). Maybe it helped that they’ve had so many lives lately (At least once a week). And for once Seiji took care to check where he stepped when moving towards the edge of the stage (to see where my hands were). I’ve suffered because of this before ^^; Those platform boots are pretty heavy.
I’ve noticed this change in Yossy too. I’m glad to see him headbanging with the fans now ^^

I’m starting to really, really miss Kazune…. There’s been four lives without him now (Fifth one coming up next Friday), and something feels off without him there :/ I hope he’s recovering alright. At least he’s started updating his blog a bit more lately, though in the latest entry on his condition he mentioned being really weak. Hope he’ll at least feel well enough to do some recording. During the MC, Seiji told us they were going to the studio today (Wednesday) to record something :) Most likely the two songs for the single that’s being released at the oneman on August 20th. Judging by Yossy’s blog, it looks like he recently finished writing the title track (The second song on the CD has been done for quite a while already).

VII-Sense were of course last since it was their event, and for the encore they called the four other vocalists back on stage. Together they did Pegasus Fantasy from the Saint Seiya anime. I’ve never watch it, but coincidentally I’d recently seen a presentation about it, so I had heard the original song not too long ago. They were all laughing out loud while singing it. Bands always look like they’re having a lot of fun during these kinds of sessions ^^ I know at least Seiji is a big anime geek (Even his pets are named after anime characters), so I’m sure he enjoyed himself. Rita (E’m) and Mirai (Secilia Luna) were the only ones who had to use a cheat paper for the lyrics.

Hopefully I’ll hear from the internet company this weekend. It’s getting annoying not having steady access to go online (It’s incredible how dependant on it one becomes >_<)

But first, tomorrow, is Versailles’ live at Rock May Kan! (^^)/
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