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Plastic Doll + Deep Sanctuary II @ 赤坂ブリッツ [special guest: Yu~ki]

I wish Mana would do his tours during the winter. We had to run an errand in Shinjuku before going to the live in Akasaka today, which was slightly uncomfortably hot in full Moitié outfits...

Our first stop was Jishuban, to pick up our copies of THE VELVET's new single + the instore event tickets that came with it :)

They did a really good job with both the design of the CD itself, and the postcards that came with it this time. The CD is MiMi's clock! :D It made me laugh when they prior to the release kept repeating that it would come with a "4-page full colour booklet".... And indeed, it's pretty much just black and white x)
Like with Poison, it's weird hearing the studio recordings of these songs (Plastic Doll, Cry Baby, and Victor). Listening to it for the first time now, as I just got home. Plastic Doll I don't really know that well yet live either, but I think I'm indifferent to which version I like the most. Cry Baby on the other hand o.O What happened to it? They added some electronical parts, which is very different from the song I know. The parts where Bera shouts "Cry Baby!" during lives have been replace with what I assume is MiMi's voice, but completely distorted. I definitely like the other one better, but I'll probably get used to this too, and start liking it in its own way. The melody is still the same, and I've wanted it on CD for quite some time now ^^ Victor is different from its live version too, but still good. I think it'll end up being the song on the single that I'll listen to the most (I always favoured the more violent songs). Looking at the booklet though, I never knew the song had that much English in it (Or any English for that matter). I'll try to listen for it at the upcoming live. It's nice to finally have the lyrics available. I'll sit down and go through Plastic Doll's lyrics when I get the time. There's a lot of them, and it seems interesting. It's a cute melody.

Hope all the fans will be able to attend the instore event next month :) I have absolutely no idea what to say to the guys though, nor what to ask them for the Q&A part. Any fans overseas that are wondering about anything in particular? (They'll reward the "best question") 

After finishing that, we met up with another friend and went on to Akasaka BLITZ.

The koala candy was something Charge brought (Looks like he bought it when they were in Kansai last week). He started throwing it out into the audience during Közi's set. He's starting to become my favourite among the members of that "band"; he's always so much fun (And I'm used to drummers of bands I see frequently to either be constantly looking down at the floor, or invisible behind the drum set + vocalist. Something Charge is definitely not)

Lots of familiar faces among the fans this time :) And a lot of people there in general. Luckily the front row bar was a decent tall and padded one at this venue. And the person behind me did their best not to push me (It makes the world of a difference when you don't have someone trying to climb on top of you).

Közi started the live. This time joined by Masashi who returned from Europe a couple of days ago. They played for about an hour, and we were surrounded by Közi fans in the center front area, so he had a lot of supporting shouts throughout his set. I think it's really nice for his fans that they get special priority when entering the venues on this tour. And I could enjoy his performance so much more than in Saitama. (The crowd behaved so well Seth didn't even feel the need to ask people to step back to avoid completely killing the people in front of them, like he's done at all the other lives). At the end everyone on stage threw gifts to the audience, including drumsticks, water bottles and glasses(..)

At other lives, the Közi fans would leave the front area when he was done playing, and their spots would fill up with Moi dix Mois fans. This time, because of the session at the end, they stayed, which made the live slightly different at least from where I was standing. But positively so. More people headbanging, no pushing to reach Mana whenever he came to the center etc. Overall this live ended up being a lot more enjoyable and comfortable than I had expected.

I don't think anything new was announced. Seth repeated the info about their new album, and showed off the new Moitie bag. He did request us all to call for "the Count" though. Mana giving us the thumbs up when we finally called loud enough for him. Hope Yu~ki could hear us all from backstage :)

Moi dix Mois' set went on as usual. Great energy, no trouble. I think most people there were more anxious about what would follow their last song. When the band left the stage, there was an unusual silence among the crowd, rather than the "Moi dix Mois!" chant for an encore. And then Saikai no chi to bara started playing over the loudspeakers... I hadn't really thought that much about it before the actual live, but hearing that song did make me nostalgic and brought tears to my eyes. Once the curtain was drawn though, I had the biggest smile on my face of the night. The curtain opened to reveal Yu~ki, Közi and Mana standing there holding red roses, which they proceeded to throw into the audience. Unsurprisingly it was a really special event for them too, so they were all fighting back tears. Yu~ki looked very nervous and overwhelmed, but also like he was enjoying being back on stage, and with his old friends. I'm so happy I was able to see him (He was my favourite Malice member). He greeted us with a "long time no see", and commented on Mana's crying.
Közi then called Hayato to the stage, who high fived the three members, before respectfully bowing to the drum set (Kami - btw, during the middle of the live, a big butterfly suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was fluttering around on stage for a while. Weirdly appropriate). The first song they did was a session(?) I can't remember hearing it before, and none of the people I asked were familiar with it. After this, the audience roared as Közi announced they would do a Malice Mizer song. It was Beast of Blood, with Közi doing the vocals. And he did a great job - by the end of it, everyone were screaming "Thank You!" to the musicians on stage, and people were sobbing loudly. Before leaving the stage, Yu~ki and Mana hugged eachother, and Közi jumped up on Yu~ki's back to take part in what was now a group hug x) He didn't manage to stay there for very long before falling off though.
People called for an encore, and the three of them returned to the stage. No more songs, but they all said their farewells to the audience and waved goodbye. And this time it was Mana's turn to sneak up behind them, as he leapt towards the other two's backs while they walked with their arms around eachother, causing everyone to laugh.

It was amazing to see them all together on stage, having fun as Malice Mizer again. I hope Yu~ki will stay around for a little while, so maybe they can repeat something like this in the not too distant future  

Tags: blitz, live, moi dix mois, the velvet
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