Jeanette (chounohana) wrote,

Don't have time to write about the other bands right now, but this was Art Cube's setlist:
1. 蓮華宙
2. Pain~ Wing・・・
3. 花陽影 (hanahikage)
4. not exist
5. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

not exist was a surprise... They've never played it at a regular event before. Seiji said we should do moshing to the song, by jumping around, running back and forth and in circles. No one wanted to do that, so it ended up being a pretty failed moshing, and a lot of confusion over what we could do instead. But it was loads of fun anyway :D For the first time (other than onemans), Shizuki left the drumset and came to the front of the stage to interact and have fun with the fans. Him and Seiji had some sort of fencing duel going on while Nobu and Yossy did their solos, before playing hide and seek behind the amps. And Seiji decided to be silly and join in on our alternative-to-moshing furi. They all looked like they enjoyed it a lot, and it was great seeing more of Shizuki :)

The MC..... lol. I guess I should include it here.... Seiji hadn't prepared the MC. And he usually messes up and forgets what he's supposed to say even when he has a prepared paper in front of him, so he didn't know what to talk about. So he ended up telling us he didn't had time to go to the bathroom before going on stage (How elegant). Even though he's a man, so it's quickly done, but he didn't even have time for that...
And that was Art Cube's MC for the day.

Kazune seems to be doing better :D He initially said he might appear at this live. Going to the hospital the other day though, he found out he needs to rest for a bit longer. But he must obviously be feeling better now, so that's a good sign. I hope he'll be able to participate at the oneman next month. Even for just a couple of songs, that would make everyone really happy (And I'm sure he really wants to be there himself too). 

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