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~Voyage Rose~ @ RUIDO K4

Soaked after walking home from Shinjuku in what turned out to become pouring rain. But it was a fun live (^^)

Not thanks to the fans of the main act though....orz. Ever since Seiji started doing events with Kaya, the Kaya fans have started trying to occupy the entire front row for Art Cube (often looking like they don't care about the band at all). And it's fine if you like a band and want to see them up close, but it's incredibly rude to constantly block out all the regulars (>_<) Today they did this for König as well... Somewhere down the road, I somehow became the person responsible for Art Cube's front row, and I end up feeling really bad when I can't give people the spots they've requested because of this behaviour :/ Thankfully one of the girls in the center was happy to give up her spot for me, but we were only a total of two regulars who were able to go to the front. The band looked a bit taken aback by this as well, but took care to give their fans extra attention.

Anyway, setlist:
1. 蓮華宙
2. Pain~ Wing・・・
3. 花陽影 (hanahikage)
- MC - 
4. not exist
5. Soaring awakening
6. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

^They need to vary the songs a bit more, with the amount of lives their doing lately. But at least we got an extra long set this time, since it was a threeman :D There was also time for long MCs. This time Seiji did have a prepared paper with a list of things to talk about, but he still managed to mess it up x) He had trouble reading most of it. Then, as he got to the (re-)announcement of the oneman on the 20th, he got confused as it didn't say "Takadanobaba" on the list (The part of Tokyo where it's taking place) lol. And the last thing on the list said "something else", and he didn't get this at all. He shouted "What else is there???" to the staff in the back, but didn't seem to get a reply. Yossy kept trying to mouth something to him, and I'm not sure if it was meant to refer to the moshing somehow, or if he gave up and just changed the subject, but he went on to introduce the moshing for not exist. Looks like the band noticed our completely failed moshing at the previous live, so this time we had to practice beforehand x) Shizuki came to the front of the stage again, and showed us what to do. And this time we managed to get something decent out of it. No jumping around in circles, but we did the "jumping while running from left to right", which is fun (Although it feels completely out of place when it comes to this band).

Nobu looked surprisingly good today. He lost quite a lot of weight, and somehow looked years younger. I wonder what he did to achieve that in only one week o.O

Kaya's setlist:
1. Awilda
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Funerary Dream
4. Silvery Dark
5. Sink
6. Addict
- encore -

Kaya's sets tend to be either lots of fun, or a complete miss with me. Unfortunately this time he had chosen songs that sound nice on a CD, but aren't that interesting live. I'm glad he did the two new songs though. It was my second time hearing Awilda, and the first time I heard Sink. The latter didn't really leave an impression, I'll have to listen to it some more I think. But I like Awilda (Whom he introduced as a Swedish pirate... Wasn't she supposed to be Danish?)
I love Addict, so that made me happy :) I still wish he'd get around to releasing it soon. I first heard it live in February 2009, so it's not exactly a new song. It's heavier, like Rose Jail, and composed by Kalm. I'm glad he seems to be writing more songs for Kaya again lately.

Kaya appeared in his new Awilda dress. It's asymmetrical, with various details, which makes it a lot more interesting than some of his other outfits in my opinion. He said he chose not to wear the pirate hat for the live though (Apparently he was wearing it at the instore event earlier that day). Instead he wore a black and red feather arrangement in his hair (which was brown and curly, with lots of glitter spray), and the pirate eye patch.

After finishing Addict, he mentioned the session with the two other acts, and left the stage. Then there was silence...... And more silence... Took me a few minutes before it hit me that no one had started the encore call ^^; Eventually Kaya came back on stage and complained about it. We then had to start calling, while he ran off stage so he could return later, thanking us for the encore :p
He called Loki and Art Cube to the stage, and they started playing Rose Jail. The "band version" this time, with Art Cube playing the melody rather than the playback track. Seiji was supposed to do the first part of the singing, but he only got to the "B..uh huh?" part of the first word (Barairo), before everyone else stopped what they were doing, and Kaya started singing "Happy Birthday" ^^ August 9th is Seiji's birthday, and he looked absolutely confused and amazed when Totoro (AC staff) brought a birthday cake up on stage while everyone was singing for him. That was a really nice gesture of them, as no one in the band has received that before. And the look on Seiji's face (And he seemed to be tearing up), was well worth it.

After blowing out the candles, they went on to finish the song, and the event.

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