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Today was THE VELVET's first instore event since they re-started their activities in 2008.

The event was fun and interesting :) It was pretty intimate considering the small amount of people there. I think I counted 11 people total... But at least this gave the band the time and opportunity to answer every single question that was asked for the Q&A part.

Unlike the previous instore event I went to at this store, the band wasn't given the questions beforehand. The staff at the store gave MiMi the small bunch of papers as they entered the store, and MiMi read them out loud one by one. And he didn't only read the questions, but all the other parts we had to fill out, like favourite artists, what we like about Velvet, and even name, age and occupation for some of them D: Don't do that.
With MiMi reading, a lot of the time Bera ended up being the one giving the longest answers. It was nice to finally get to know him a bit more. after these past few years of basically no info. Unexpectedly, most questions were completely random, not related to their music at all. First question was "What is your dream for the future?" And there was an added "Please answer in English". Bera wanted to meet an alien? lol. It's been the same since VE time interviews (Back then they were all aliens). This was answered in Japanese of course, but he did come up with a few English phrases at the end. Not that it made much sense... ("I want look UFO" ??) But it was really cool of him to make an effort :D MiMi corrected him, and his pronounciation was surprisingly good. Made me wonder how much he actually understands. MiMi's wish was for THE VELVET to succeed.

They were asked about what their ideal room would be. Bera wants to live in a castle, apparently with a moat around it. At least he wanted one of those big bridge gates (Do they have a special name in English?). MiMi figured it would be boring to give the same answer, so he described the inside of the room instead. It should be dark, with a black chandelier for the ceiling.

When asked which male celebrity they thought was handsome, Bera backed out of the 'male' part and went with Kano Kyoko x) Eventually MiMi reminded him he had to answer with the name of a guy, and Bera reluctantly said that if he was a girl, he would probably like Keanu Reeves. MiMi quickly answered Johnny Depp (I think that was pretty obvious to most of us already).

There was a couple of questions related to which bands and artists they liked, and which ones that has inspired their music. I don't know if Bera was embarrassed about it, but he kept answering with "various bands, too many to mention, you wouldn't know them" etc. So MiMi told us Bera likes mostly UK bands, one of them being Muse. MiMi likes Led Zeppelin, and said he's lately been inspired by Michael Jackson. Among the vk bands, they both really respect Luna Sea. Bera mentioned some guitarists, like hide, as well as MALICE MIZER. And Dir en Grey were really big back when MiMi was a student, so they came up too.

Random bits: Getting ready for lives, doing their hair takes them about one hour, make-up takes 30 minutes. MiMi made a quick introduction of the current clothes (He got up from the chair and lifted up his leg so everyone could see the tights he was talking about, lol). His shirt is from H&M, the tights were bought in Harajuku (You'll find them at a tights and socks shop at the top of Takeshita dori). Bera got the same tights in Koenji (Never been there, so I don't know exactly which shop).
Also, Bera likes gaming. So now we know that. MiMi said that despite the fact that it might seem the other way around when it comes to the two of them, he isn't much of a gamer himself. He cooks though; which Bera does not. Once Bera stayed at MiMi's place for a week, and MiMi would cook all the meals for him. They also got to talking about their sleeping habits.... Bera said he'd prefer to sleep naked, but wasn't clear on what he actually does when it comes to that. MiMi used to sleep in PJs when he was younger, but after going to a sleepover he discovered that none of the other guys did that. So he stopped, and now he prefers light fluffy clothing instead.
Lately he's mentioned in his blog how Velvet's members have pale skin despite it being in the middle of summer. And for some reason he felt the need to show us his sunburn.... He started opening the sleeve of his shirt, but eventually gave up. Then made a comment on how we're all so white, lol. (I can't tan, even if I tried to anyway)

Both of them also told us a little about when they first started music and joined the band (Back when they were still Velvet Eden). MiMi moved from Nagano while he was still a teenager, and joined the band in Tokyo. And he described how Bera had long blond hair back then (, so definitely VE). I guess Bera saw MiMi as a kid, as he mentioned how MiMi didn't have any experience etc. yet at the time. When MiMi first started with music, it was the guitar. But when he joined the band, Bera was already a member, so he became the bassist. Bera mentioned starting to play the guitar when he was 15~16 years old, playing punk music.

At the end there was the giving of gifts to "the best question"..... which very obviously was more of a "gift to the person in front of me at lives", as Bera gave his gift to me (necklace btw), and MiMi gave his to a friend of mine who's always in front of him at the lives. Of course I appreciate it, and it was very sweet of them to choose me and Riyo, but omg how embarrassing D: Having to raise my hand as if they didn't know who the person was (And yeah... he pretended it was a coincidence), then having to stand up in front of everyone and walk to the table... And the fact that it was so obviously not based on what we asked >_< Was also kinda scared that my legs wouldn't work after being cramped on the floor for quite a while, remembering how bad it was for all of us at the other event ^^; MiMi even asked us if our legs were ok half-way through it. Fortunately it wasn't too bad.
But I do appreciate them for it, despite this, of course. Just so that's said. I guess I just wish it could have been done some other way ^^;

I'll see if I remember more of the questions to add later.
At the end we got to shake hands with the members and say a few words if we wanted to. Bera thanked me for always supporting him, aww :)
(And he mentioned "It's ok to bump into me during lives." LOL. ...I tend to jump out of the way.)

@wingsinacage : I looked through the latest Risknote today, and MiMi answered your bass related question :) He must have been pretty excited about receiving a question from you, as he even mentions that it was from someone overseas. I'm sure he's glad to know people all around the world care about them. 


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(Deleted comment)
Aug. 16th, 2010 01:14 am (UTC)
We were both really excited when we saw the magazine with your question/name! He gave a really long answer as well, I am sure they are both always happy with your support. Just wish you could have been there. It was really fun and a great opportunity for band/fans to finally interact.

@chounohana: otsukaresama! And don't complain so much about receiving the gift, silly. It was absolutely adorable, you did nothing wrong and walked normally, nobody was staring at you, but rather watching the general scene and they were both satisfied to hand in gifts for their regulars. So it's all good!
Aug. 16th, 2010 02:19 am (UTC)
Easy for you to say when you could stay seated on the floor :p When he was searching through the bunch of anketo... "oh god he actually did it o_o oh god I actually have to go up there o_o"....
But I'm really looking forward to the live tomorrow. Feels like we know him a little better now :)
Aug. 16th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
Re: mrs_fujiwara
Don't be silly! *laughs* Again, you did nothing wrong and walked normally and was as cute as always. Also, everybody seemed to be expecting that to happen, so there's relly nothing to be shy about. And do touch him tomorrow, please. He'll be sad if you don't.
Aug. 16th, 2010 03:33 am (UTC)
Re: mrs_fujiwara
lol, don't be creepy. I think it was enough touching when he sat down on my hand. I'll continue the practice of leaning backwards together with you, and try to avoid all the sweat.
Aug. 16th, 2010 04:09 am (UTC)
Re: mrs_fujiwara
Haha, it's the plain and absolute truth. Everybody else can vow for that, I am sure. And about Bera: you are mean. Poor man...
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 16th, 2010 01:17 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's the one with SaTaN/VII-Sense on the cover :)

I hope the low number of participants won't be a problem for arranging a new event some day.
Aug. 16th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
Now we just need to find out what games he likes, and gifts etc. will become a slightly easier task.
They both looked nervous to begin with (shaking), but fortunately relaxed after a little while.

I was really happy to see the question in there (And that he even said it was from outside of Japan), since you had been talking about it earlier :)
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 16th, 2010 01:26 pm (UTC)
I had never heard MiMi speak in English before. Judging by the average student at my school, I didn't trust him to be good at it just because of his young age x)
It's nice to know he understands it though. Now I kinda want to test him at the merch table....

Drawbridges! Thanks :) Not a word that comes up very often, but the name makes sense.

lol, Bera had trouble pronouncing Keanu Reeves' name too, so MiMi had to help him. It was cute ^^
Aug. 15th, 2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the report! Sounds cool. I think that this kind of event is always nice because you can always find out some fun/interesting thigs about people. :D

And he didn't only read the questions, but all the other parts we had to fill out, like favourite artists, what we like about Velvet, and even name, age and occupation for some of them D:
Eeeh? Why the hell did he do that for? But maybe it was to kill some time because there weren't many people...

Not that it made much sense... ("I want look UFO" ??) But it was really cool of him to make an effort :D
Did he translate literally J->E? Lol that always sounds funny. But yeah, it's nice that he's trying. :)

Bera backed out of the 'male' part and went with Kano Kyoko x)
Sneaky! XD But it's funny that he didn't get away with it!

And for some reason he felt the need to show us his sunburn....
Who shows sunburns to others? LOL

"which very obviously was more of a "gift to the person in front of me at lives", as Bera gave his gift to me (necklace btw), and MiMi gave his to a friend of mine who's always in front of him at the lives.
That's so sweet! You did deserve it! :D

Btw which of the two questions did you decide to ask? Music related or the random one? :)
Aug. 16th, 2010 02:10 am (UTC)
Yeah, he was probably trying to make the event a little longer. He sounded impressed by one of my friends' occupation ("Wow, we even have someone with such a job here.") I guess most people are students.

That was the part of his English that made the most sense. I don't remember what else he said as the words seemed completely random.

MiMi's always been a bit strange. He suddenly asked Bera "Do you have a sunburn", and tried to pull up Bera's sleeve (Bera just stared back at him like "wth...?") And MiMi went on with "I do. I want to show it. It's grose". But he apparently had trouble getting to the part of his arm where the burn was because of his shirt.

I went with the random question (It's not mentioned in my entry ^^; ). But obviously I might as well have asked "What did you have for breakfast?" since the "winners" were already decided...
Aug. 16th, 2010 05:53 pm (UTC)
"I do. I want to show it. It's grose"
Maybe his skin started to peel-off on the part where the sunburn was, so that could be why he said it was gross. I know a few beople who are also like that (like "eww, come and take a look at this" XD), haha.

Whatever you asked, at least you know that he appreciates you always being there in front of him. :D

Your comment about him sitting on your hand made me laugh, haha. XD
Aug. 17th, 2010 03:30 am (UTC)
Whatever it was, I'm glad he changed his mind.

That incident was at the sponsored event last month. They video tape all their lives, and I kinda wish I could see that one cause it must have looked hilarious ^^; Me, automatically jumping backwards when he suddenly sat down on me, but not getting anywhere because my hand was stuck between him and the bar. Then he started leaning his back into me, with me trying to lean further and further away, still being stuck all I could do was lean my upper body as far back as possible and try not to move my hand too much, lol.
Aug. 17th, 2010 02:18 pm (UTC)
You're right, it does sound pretty hilarious! I can imagine it really vividly. But I'm sure it wasn't so funny at that moment, haha. :)
Aug. 16th, 2010 09:37 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on receiving a gift from Bera! :)

Haha, sounds like Bera would get on well with Mana: he wants to live in a castle, he likes gaming and he started to play guitar when he was 15, playing punk music!
Aug. 17th, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)

He did mention Malice Mizer as an influence/band he respects after all :) But personality wise, they seem really different to me. It would be interesting to see them meet (Though they might have done so already through Dada or Seiji).
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