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Art Cube's 4th oneman @ 高田馬場AREA

Art Cube's 4th oneman was really fun :) For the first time it took place at Takadanobaba AREA, which is bigger than the previous livehouses where they've held their onemans. And a surprisingly large amount of people showed up.

We arrived a little early as we were supposed to meet up with several other fans (lots of familiar faces among the audience this time :) ), and had fun watching AREA's staff running after a cockroach that got into the livehouse. I think giant bugs is what I like the least about the summers in this country. (I'm from a really cold place, with few bugs, and those that exist are tiny).

Thanks to some nice Art Cube regulars who exchanged their tickets with a couple of us, our ticket numbers were low enough to be in the front row this time around as well. Some of the other girls had made some very nice looking shikishi boards, one for each member (including Kazune). They were really well made, and we all got to write them a small message on each board. Hope they enjoyed reading them all :) 

The setlist consisted mostly of songs we were fairly familiar with this time (more of the songs they've released):

1. 砂の華 (suna no hana)
2. Blue Heaven
3. Pain~ Wing・・・

- MC -

4. 瑠璃雨 (rurisame)
5. セレーネー
6. 螺旋月 (rasenzuki)
7. you're here...

- "solo corner" -
*. S solo 
*. Y solo
*. N solo
*. Z solo

- MC -

8. 香想曲 (kasoukyoku)
9. 花陽影 (hanahikage)

- MC -

10. not exist
11. False prayer
12. 虹化鏡 (kougekyou)

- encore -
13. 蓮華宙
14. Soaring awakening
15. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

As usual the songs they played during their solos (with the exception of Shizuki's drum solo, which I assume was something he put together himself), were all songs I recognized from somewhere, but couldn't quite place. Seiji had a guest musician for his song: Kengo on guitar. I wish Kengo could have participated more during the live, but appart from suddenly showing up out of nowhere during the middle of not exist, we didn't see more of him. Seiji seems to be incapable of learning lyrics that don't belong to his own band. Again he had to use lyric sheets for his solo. The other three partly played together before Seiji and Kengo appeared. After Shizuki was finished with his drum solo, Yossy and Nobu joined him, and they all did a short tune together before turning the spotlight, first to Yossy, and then on to Nobu.

Yossy looked like he was having the time of his life throughout the entire live. It was lots of fun to watch ^^ I hope he'll continue to feel as free and comfortable at future events too.

They debuted the title track of their new single, Kasoukyoku. I liked it a lot already upon the first listen, and keep listening to the CD now. It's a calmer song (balancing the more violent second track on the single). And now that we know the lyrics, all of Seiji's talk about how it's a "good smelling song" makes slightly more sense (?). It fits the late summer season. And I especially like how clearly you can hear both the vocals and keyboards here.
The second track on the single is False prayer. (They did indeed correct the title of it.) They've been playing it a lot more than usual at lives lately, and I'm really glad to finally have it on a release as it's one of the songs I enjoy the most live (The coreography is fun!)

Finally we had a decent amount of people for not exist's moshing :D Again we had to practice it with Shizuki showing people what to do. And he got us to do even sillier stuff this time, but it's not embarrassing when most people around you are doing it anyway, so we just went with it ^^ (Certainly a lot better than last time when we were only five people). I think the band had even more fun than us during this song.

We all did member calls for the encore, calling each member's name as they re-entered the stage, but changed it to "Tsutaya!" for Yossy (Inside joke for those who've read his blog; He goes to Tsutaya every day). And it made him laugh, which was the intention :)
When Seiji appeared on stage again, people roared with cheers as they noticed the big white snake wrapped around him :D I can't remember the last time he brought Rem on stage, it's been more than a year now. It was so nice to see her again, even for just one song. She remained pretty calm throughout it, not trying to get down on the floor and just curiously flicking her tongue at the audience. For me, that really made the live complete. I like Rem a lot, and missed seeing/hearing her (They've had to remove the female voice from their songs now that she's not on stage anymore). They should do more photosets or videos with her.

Overall a great and enjoyable live :D Unfortunately it doesn't look like they'll have time to do as many lives in the next few months as they've done this spring and summer. But we have some fun lives to look forward to anyway. The band's website is as always slow when it comes to updates, so here are the news:

Art Cube will be doing their annual anniversary oneman at Meguro Rock May Kan on December 12th. At this event there will be a pre-sale of a new single (no details announced yet), and participants will receive a digest DVD from yesterday's oneman live as a free gift. Tickets go on sale after the band's live at the same livehouse on September 7th. Unlike the previous onemans, this live will consist of two parts: The first part will be various session bands of the individual band members. The other part is Art Cube's live.
I'll post more details in the Art Cube LJ community.




( 13 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )
Aug. 21st, 2010 08:36 am (UTC)

It was loads of fun, indeed! I loved Yossy's delighted expression throughout the whole night. And Kengo looked amazing! I am still impressed about that.

Btw, didn't they play False Prayer as well? Or did I imagine we did the furi because I truly love it? *laughs* No, wait, they did play because we kept sending Yossy the hearts, right? Idk, my memory is a mess. I just remember clearly that I was smiling during the whole night and now I am afraid of the live digest again.:-P
Aug. 21st, 2010 09:22 am (UTC)
Kengo did look amazing. It would be great if he surprised everyone and showed up like that for one of Moi dix Mois' lives.

Oh, lol. I meant to write False prayer on the list, but must have forgotten. I'll add it now.
Yossy kept getting in my way to do the furi properly.
Aug. 21st, 2010 03:49 pm (UTC)
I was afraid mostly fans would not show up because of that thing that happened at the Kaya concert, but I'm happy it didnt happen and the night was fun!
And I cant wait to listen to kasoukyoku xD

But, Kazune was there this time? He didnt say anything at his blog :(

Anyway, seems they are planning a south american tour again. I hope if the tour really happens this time we will have a fun live like this here xD

But thank you so much for the report and the news!
Aug. 21st, 2010 04:15 pm (UTC)
I've been listening to Kasoukyoku all day :) It's a really nice song. Hope the CD doesn't take too long to reach you. I hear shipments between Japan and Brazil can take a lot of time.

Kazune didn't appear on stage, but apparently he was back stage and took polaroid pictures with the others (That were sold at the goods table after the live).
I think his absence was the reason why Seiji had a solo this time.
Ever since Kazune got ill, they haven't mentioned him at all at lives. The only news on him is what he posts in his own blog.

I heard about the South American tour :) I hope everything works out this time, even though it's barely any time left till they're supposed to play there. Hopefully promotion will go quickly once they announce it.
Aug. 21st, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
I seem to have missed Kasoukyoku. Is it a live only release?
Aug. 22nd, 2010 02:26 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's supposed to be limited to this oneman only. They'll probably include the songs the next time they release an album though (whenever that will be).
And they might decide to sell it at other occasions, as they printed 300 copies of it and they can't even have sold half of that at this live.
Aug. 21st, 2010 09:26 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to hear that you had fun! Very nice that many people showed up! But cockroaches again, ewww.

Yossy looked like he was having the time of his life throughout the entire live.
This sounds like it really was an awesome live! :D

But how does "good smelling song" make any sense? I've never heard such description, haha.

It seems that you people are getting better at moshing every time you do it! Of course, it's always easier to to silly stuff when everyone else is doing it, too. :D

Is Rem very big? I would be so scared to even come close to the snake. I really admire Seiji for that!
Aug. 22nd, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)
I love how genuinely happy Yossy looks when he's having fun during lives. And as this live ended he looked down at me and my friend and mouthed "arigatou", which was really nice of him :) It's always good to know the band enjoy themselves as much as the fans do.

Seiji had described it as "good smelling" at previous lives, but said that might not make any sense. But... the lyrics mention recalling memories, partly through smell... (I'm not sure I'm making sense myself ^^; I think the song needs to be heard/read. It makes you... imagine the smell? idk)

Rem is still growing. She appears smaller than she is as long as she's curled up around her owner. I've seen her stretched out and she's definitely outgrown Seiji with about a meter. And she's really heavy. I absolutely love her though (and big snakes in general), so I have no problems being right in front of her. I'm glad she didn't cause Seiji any trouble, or fell down on the floor this time.
Aug. 22nd, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
Awww, cute! I guess it's easy for them to enjoy it when they have good fans... :)

Remembering through smell... Something like in Proust's Combray? I know that was through taste, but still both are senses. Involuntary memory, do you mean that?

Wow she's big! I wonder if it's hard for him to hold her if she's so heavy. Does she usually cause trouble to him?
Aug. 22nd, 2010 05:48 pm (UTC)
I mean memories that are linked to certain smells. Like something you did in your childhood that was somehow connected to a smell, and now that smell always reminds you of that activity/place/happening. (A common smell related memory seems to be the smell of grandparents' home)

She IS hard for him to hold, so she hadn't been with them on stage for more than a year. A couple of years ago she was present at every live, either wrapped around Seiji's arms and shoulders, or around the microphone stand. Then, as she got bigger, she would be too heavy for the mic stand (it fell over with her on it several times), and her weight and fast movements really caused Seiji trouble while singing. And during the MCs she would wrap herself around his neck, choking him so that he would start coughing and had to leave the stage for a while and put her back in her cage. There was also a couple of times when she managed to get down on the floor, and Seiji looked really worried whenever that happened (She can bite the fans etc.) and had to dive after her to get hold of her again. When she fell down, I could hear a loud thud even over the music playing.
Aug. 22nd, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)
I think I get it now! My grandparents have been living with me since I was small child, so I wouldn't really know the smell of their home. :/ But I do get the point.

Sounds like it really isn't easy for him to have her on stage. He can't be having fun if he has to worry about her. And I guess it isn't good for her to fall down a lot (I don't know much about snakes). No wonder he stopped bringing her with him... :/
Aug. 22nd, 2010 12:43 am (UTC)
>Seiji seems to be incapable of learning lyrics that don't belong to his own band. Again he had to use lyric sheets for his solo.

but at least he DOES use the lyrics sheets openly... and doesnt pretend NOT to use one ...and fail... as a certain other vocalist *lol*

the Live was a lot of fun.
I truly enjoyed my first time seeing Art Cube
and now I want more ^^;
Aug. 22nd, 2010 02:49 am (UTC)
lol, Kamijo is a special case.
Seiji should be able to learn the lyrics of one single song when he's had months to prepare.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope you get to see Kazune some day too. It's too bad he couldn't be at this live, as he's the one that's most fun during their onemans. But at least you got a rare appearance from Rem :)
( 13 darlings — Bonjour Honey! )

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