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Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end :-O Only one week left now. But there's Versailles' live at C.C Lemon Hall to look forward to before that, and we've been doing lots of fun stuff we normally don't have much time to do :D Getting to explore a little more of Tokyo too. There's so many parts of the city I don't know at all, even though I've lived here for a year now (Again, normally there's not much time to do any exploring). The place I used to live in, out in the inaka of Chiba-ken, was pretty much just a main road going through the place, with all the stores scattered along it. And the surrounding areas consisting of rice fields. Didn't take very long to get from one end to the other...

We're starting to get better at remembering to take purikura when we're out......

I'd been meaning to visit Odaiba for a while, but it always got postponed. Finally got the chance to go there, and walked by a purikura booth...

There are several ways of getting to that island, but one of them is by the elevated monorail train :D I really like the monorail, and kinda wish all trains here were like that. But I guess it would create a chaotic traffic scenery? I wish at least the Yamanote-sen was elevated. That'd be cool.

Today was spent in Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. Mostly just walking around, but we did remember to take a bunch of pictures there too :D

We were... half-way into making a heart? lol. Everything happens too fast with these machines x) 

Also, my sleeping pattern is getting all messed up again.... I thought I would try and keep it to normal hours since my vacation was fairly short, but lately I haven't been able to go to sleep until the sun is about to come up. Will have to try and make a real effort to break that pattern soon, as I'll have to start getting up at 5am again next Monday. And it's already in the middle of the night now :x

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