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Art Cube @ 目黒鹿鳴館 September 7th

Art Cube was the main band at Sequence Record's event this Tuesday :) The event took place at Rock May Kan, and although it's the band's homeground, they hadn't played there for more than three months. Was nice seeing them on that stage again. And as the band on the sponsoring label, there was time for an extra song, and a longer MC ^^

1. 虹化鏡 (kougekyou)
2. 花陽影 (hanahikage)
3. Blue Heaven
- MC -
4. 香想曲 (kasoukyoku)
5. not exist
6. Soaring awakening
7. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

It's starting to look like Shitsurakuchou is the song they'll end all their lives with.... I hope I'm wrong :/ Not that I dislike the song, but I find it a little boring live. I wish they'd play Pain Wing and/or False Prayer more often. They started out with Kougekyou, but had to stop and start over due to the drums missing. Not sure what happend as Seiji was blocking my view of Shizuki.

Yossy had dropped the purple wig for the first time. I assume it was his real hair this time. Looked like it, only straightened (He has curls). Hopefully he'll stick to this new look. It looks a lot better than the wig, and it showed off more of his face.

I think we're getting slightly better at not exist's moshing at each live(?) We didn't have to practice with the band before the song this time at least ^^; I still feel extremely silly doing some parts of it though. The band probably keeps playing it this often because it must be a lot of fun for them to watch us doing everything Shizuki tells us to do. 

During the MC Seiji said the previous oneman had been a success (And that it was surely thanks to, and I think it really was. They've never had that many people attending their onemans before.

They did a presale of tickets for the upcoming oneman in December too. But the tickets simply say the name of the live house... nothing else. I think I'll have to write "Art Cube oneman - December" or something on it myself, so I won't lose track of it by the time of the live.

But the highlight of yesterday's event was an amazing Zeta cosplayer! :D It's the first time I've seen anyone cosplay him, and she had done a really good job with it. When I went over to ask her if she wanted to join us in the front row, I had to pause for a few seconds before talking to her, just to make sure it wasn't really Seiji (Even her face looked the same). She's from outside of Tokyo, so she can't come to many lives. But after talking to her, we realized we'd actually talked once before; at Kaya's previous DIVA event, where she appeared in Loki cosplay (beard and all). Impossible to recognize.
She makes all her cosplays herself, and if I remember next time we meet I'll ask her how long it took to make the Zeta one, including customizing the wig. It was as perfect as could be. Seiji himself suddenly stopped the music during one of their songs, pointed and told us all to look at her, to which everyone applauded. That was really nice of him, and I'm sure he was thrilled to finally have a cosplayer among the audience. (He mentioned her in his blog too) 

Sorry for my lack of face, but people who see this picture out of context might end up thinking it's the real person, and I'd like to avoid drama that might result in, like it does in some cases. As well as having my picture spread around because of it.

She was amazing :D

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