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Day out

Had a day off today, so we enjoyed it by doing nothing useful at all. But had lots of fun with that as well.

We had been planning to take more purikura and visit the vampire cafe in Ginza for a while now. Originally planned to finally do it last week, but something else came up and we had to postpone it. And I'm glad we did, because today the weather had cooled down a lot, making it comfortable to walk around clad in Moitie. (We were kinda dying at the Moi dix Mois lives + THE VELVET instore earlier this summer. Been the warmest summer in Japan ever since they started recording temperatures back in 1800-something).

So we first went off to Harajuku to take some pictures:


Some A lot of people seem to think we're a couple. And because we really don't care what they think (It's starting to become pretty amusing, the amount of times people ask about it), here:



We felt like we should somehow include our tights x) It's the same ones MiMi and BERA use at lives. But it's not all that easy to fit both our legs and heads into the picture so.... lol elegance

After having xx filled croissants and cocoa at a nice little coffee shop nearby, we continued on to the Vampire Cafe in Ginza :D
I had never been there before, but at least the pictures of the place had looked very promising. And I really liked the place! Unfortunately I couldn't take any pics myself, as I only had my cellphone, and it was too dark for the keitai camera. But if you get the chance to go there, I really recommend it. And not only did it look nice, but they had normal sized portions of food. Normally everything is quite expensive at themed restaurants, and you pay for the theme rather than the food (portions being very small). Nice to know there's an exception (And the food was really good too).

As we entered, Satoshi greeted us at the door. He used to be the vocalist of vk band EREMIA, and has done session bands after they stopped their activities. Doing LAREINE covers among other things I always have a lot of fun at his session lives, and wish he'd do more of them. He also likes Moi dix Mois and Art Cube, and we saw him at the live with Yu~ki this summer.
Anyway, I knew he worked there, but really didn't expect him to show up at the door as soon as we entered (He'd been out of town recently, so I don't think I expected him to be there at all today). I think we both had equally surprised looks on our faces ^^;
By chance one of the people at the table next to us was celebrating their birthday today, so Satoshi came and sang "Happy Birthday". Expected even less to get to hear him sing x)

As we were leaving he came over and gave us his card, which looks pretty neat:


If you feel like it, go peta him at Vampire Rose :) 


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