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Last Art Cube live for a while. It's not more than three weeks until the next one, but with the weekly lives they've been doing for the past few months, it feels somewhat longer.

The event opened with maidezDei's performance. I couldn't remember seeing them before, and during the MC the vocalist said it was their first live, so that made sense. For a first live they did really well, and I liked their look as well. I was sitting in the back of the room at the time, so I couldn't see much of the vocalist. But it certainly sounded like a girl. Only when he started talking after the first song, did it become very obvious that it was a guy. But his voice was really soft and nice to listen to. Wouldn't mind seeing them again.

The vocalist of JILLED RAY had a similarly feminine voice. At least live. They gave us a CD as a free gift, and he sounds different on the studio recordings. The drummer was really nice and came and greeted us with a bow and an 'otsukaresama' afterwards even though we'd just been sitting in the back.

Vanish was probably the most lively band there, much to thanks to the vocalist. They had some silly but fun coreographed dance routines.

Next up was Art Cube.
1. 花陽影 (hanahikage) 
2. Blue Heaven
- petit MC - (<-- That's what Seiji called it) 
3. 香想曲 (kasoukyoku)
- MC - 
4.not exist
5.Soaring awakening
6. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

We'd been told they wouldn't play until 8pm, but they were almost an hour early. There were really few people there, so I hope it wasn't because the fans were planning on showing up closer to the time told. We ended up being four people in the front row doing the "moshing" for not exist ^^; It's not getting any less embarrassing, but it is a lot of fun too. Shizuki makes us do a lot of different things, like putting our hands on our hips and walk from side to side with big steps while crouching down for each step... (It's hard to explain, sorry). I think it would be interesting watching it from the back once. At least Seiji is doing it as well, and he looks even sillier than us with that costume and wig.
Today's explanation for said wig was that it represented the white snake that's not on stage anymore, coiling around his shoulders and elevating her head above his. (Last time he said it was to make him look like a unicorn - He keeps making up new reasons for its weird shape. I'd love to hear the real story behind it. It really does look strange.)

Not surprisingly big parts of the MC was spent talking about Pokemon. Seiji's recently bought the two new games for his Nintendo DS, and said the reason for why he hasn't updated his blog much lately is because he's been busy playing.
He also accidentaly started speaking in Hiroshima dialect, so he gave us a short talk about the place and how his dialect was from the countryside there. And excused himself for suddenly sounding like a foreigner attempting to speak Japanese (Thanks Seiji...)

Now, with the new song 香想曲 (kasoukyoku), I'm really looking forward to the day Kazune will be able to return. It has some beautiful keyboard parts, and I'd love to see him play it live. Hope he'll update his blog soon  


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