Jeanette (chounohana) wrote,

absolute scream vol. 9


It's like every fifth or so THE VELVET live is suddenly a lot more fun than usual... (Though of course I have fun at most lives, or there wouldn't be much reason to go). Probably a mix of setlist and the members' mood, but today was one of those lives :)
They had a lot of problems going on though. They seem to have more sound problems than most bands I see. (As well as falling, losing stuff ,or hitting themselves with props, lol) But if it doesn't shorten the live much etc. it's mostly just entertaining. At least on the fans' part. 

We had some fun listening to them do almost an entire song before their set really started, while the curtains were still closed. It started out as a sound check, but eventually everyone joined in x)  After that the lights went dark, and for the occasion of Halloween, music from A Nightmare Before Christmas served as the intro tune this time. No one showed up in costumes though, despite MiMi's request. I think it's just too awkward to do that at a non-Halloween event with lots of other bands and their fans... But more people than usual showed up in polkadots, although it looks like at least MiMi is slowly moving away from that image, lately wearing black clothes. Bera and the others are still keeping to the old look for now - Which is still newer than their most recent photos... They really ought to get a new, updated flyer soon. 

We got an unplanned MC with an announcement while some guitar trouble was trying to be solved. And looks like we'll get some new singles to buy around January :) Hopefully seijaku... will be one of the tracks.

Next week they're finally playing at AREA again. BlackHole, where they played today is good for sound and stage, but people smoke all over the place so you end up smelling like cigarettes no matter where you sit, and they don't allow you to eat anything. (I didn't have time to eat before going to the live, so that wasn't appreciated.) AREA's great.


Tags: black hole, live, the velvet

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