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Pictures :)

Finally have some days off now thanks to a Culture Festival (that I didn't sign up to participate in, so I don't need to show up). And Wednesday is a holiday :) Have some time consuming work that needs to be done, but I'm looking forward to sleep more than usual.

I was supposed to do a money order for the omnibus with AC and get some spesific stuff at some store today(/yesterday). Managed to not do any of that.
But had a fun day with a friend, and more purikura, yay

My Darling is invading my frame - and I don't really look too pleased about it, lol

I swear we have other friends that we hang out with too x) It just doesn't look much like it judging by this journal...

I can't believe we'll be in November in just a couple of days :x
Will be a really busy month, but there's an event to look forward to every week :D
5th --> THE VELVET
10th --> Art Cube
21st --> THE VELVET
27th --> Art Cube
30th --> THE VELVET
So But I'm really looking forward to them all ♥ 
Hope my normal schedule won't cause a problem for attending the lives. 

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