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November 2nd.

Finally got around to order the new SHOXX omnibus CD yesterday. It'll contain a song by Art Cube (as well as a few other bands I like). Don't know if it'll be a song we've already gotten as part of another release (though they're all supposed to be "rare/unreleased songs"...). But they're giving away cheki + presents at lives for those who pre-order, so ended up buying it. But it'll be a while before it's released yet, so I'll probably end up forgetting all about it by the time I actually receive the CD.

On our way to the post office we saw a cat sleeping on its very own futon outside. I only had my cellphone, and it was too far away for a decent picture, unfortunately. Someone must have put the futon there on purpose, as it was on top of a wall. The cat was certainly enjoying it ^^

Walked around large part of Shinjuku, partly looking for a particular store which we never found.
Took a small break at one of the Starbucks', where they gave us cups of the new x-mas coffee...

...which I have no idea how tasted, as I can't stand the taste of coffee x) But I like the cups they're using. They're already decorating with reindeers and santa-clad teddy bears etc. Only the music of the season is still missing. Now that Halloween is over, I guess Christmas decorations are really going to pop up everywhere pretty soon. I like the blue lights they put on the trees, so at least that'll look quite nice now when the darker months are starting. Wonder if they'll hit a new record of Christmas trees randomly placed around the city. Tokyo has got to have the largest amount of those trees I've seen anywhere. 

And of course there's more purikura. 

(yes, it's us again x) ) 


Going my way we are FREEDOM! :D 

Today is the last day of the mini-vacation we've had for the last few days. Have to spend parts of it working on a report on global politics, and how that's somehow related to Tezuka Osamu's way of thinking as portrayed through his work... Hopefully it'll be a bit easier than last week's paper on economy. Don't think half of what I wrote for that one made sense, but I'll at least be getting a full score on handing it in on time, and probably on the grammar/etc. part as well. So that's 4 out of 10 points regardless of what I actually wrote.



Nov. 2nd, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
You don't like the flavor of coffee? Twins! X)
Well, actually, only partly... My roommate used to purchase these giant bags of little individually-packaged sticks of coffee powder and sugar that we would make, iced. So I'm okay with cold coffee-in-my-milk (or coffee-in-my-water, in the powdered stuff's case), but I won't go anywhere near hot coffee. x_x

Speaking of Starbucks and drinks, though, if you like hot chocolate, try out the salt and cream hot cocoa they have out now if it's available. I was cajoled into purchasing it earlier today and it tastes like chocolate-covered pretzels. XD Just an fyi, I guess.

LOL the paper thing sounds a lot like what I used to write for sociology. I imagine Vivi sympathizes with you quite a bit.

Good luck with your other school projects! :D
Nov. 3rd, 2010 06:07 am (UTC)
I've never liked coffee in any shape or form (or the smell). I love going to coffee shops, but always get cocoa or something similar.

I'll look for that drink! :D

After I'm done with that paper, I most likely won't have to write one until next weekend. Will be nice to do something else this Saturday/Sunday.

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