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The unreality world Vol.2

There were a lot of VII-Sense fans at this live. The jouren had agreed on some sort of dress code, of a certain kind of black and pink outfits. Everyone in the frontrow matching looked both silly and fun.

The first band was called rabbit tale, and I had never heard of them before. And neither had anyone else there. I don't know exactly how new they are, but I assume they haven't been active very long. They only played a few songs (The other bands all had longer sets than usual). Not too interesting musically or visually, but the vocalist was charming, and he was really trying his best, so I hope they get their own set of fans eventually.

I was glad for the opportunity to see Secilia Luna and dolore. And really happy to hear dolore play one of their older songs (Grivious Scream). They used to appear frequently at events I went to last year, so I started enjoying their music + furi.

Art Cube were number four. The setlist:
1. 花陽影 (hanahikage)
2. pain~wing…
3. Blue Heaven
- MC -
4. not exist
5. Soaring awakening
6. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)

In the MC Seiji mentioned the omnibus CD that will be released through SHOXX this winter. A lot of bands are participating, including most of the bands appearing at this event. There's no tracklist available yet, but Seiji said Art Cube's song will be a new song.
He talked a little about the upcoming oneman, and said there will be a lot of bandmen we're probably familiar with participating in the first half of it, in the various session bands. Then announced December's Best Of album, saying it'll be easy to make since they've just released singles up until now, and that it'll give them more money, lol.
When announcing the lives, he said there's three more lives left for this year... I know the first two are Sequence Records' event on the 27th, and AC's oneman. But the third one would be... Dis Inferno? (All the AC members will be there too, but probably not on stage) 

I don't know why they still insist we do the so-called "moshing" for not exist... Other than simple entertainment for themselves. It must look so silly (we certainly feel silly doing it). I wish more people would join in. It's really fun if you're a big group running back and forth etc. But I still enjoy Shizuki leaving the drumset to come to the front of the stage (to lead the moshing) <3
For Blue Heaven I decided to try doing the ooold furi again. We stopped doing the special furi for that in spring 2009, so it's been a while, and most of the people going to the lives now aren't the same as those back then. But it's more fun doing that furi than the standard stuff. I'd taught it to the person next to me, and when we suddenly started doing that, Seiji went "eh...?o_O" for a moment, but seemed happy, or at least ammused x) So maybe I should continue doing that. Just need to get more people to follow.

Unfortunately no big session at the end of the live this time.  


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