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Went to Meguro Live Station for the first time today. Surprisingly easy to find (Live houses are usually hidden away in the basements of small buildings in the middle of a maze of narrow alleyways, often in the more questionable parts of the area.) The venue itself was quite nice too, although it got a bit crowded since the room is narrow, and Suicide Ali has a lot of fans...
We met up in Meguro early to have time to eat first, and ended up having some time to kill before the doors opened, so we walked over to Atré. Where there was this:

Before heading back to Live Station...
We were of course there for THE VELVET (<-- for those who haven't seen it yet; they've updated the frontpage with a new picture recently), who played really early this time (third band). Great not having to wait so long. But the opening act was really enjoyable too. It was a session band with members from DieS and Suicide Ali; called DieSUICIDE. They obviously played songs belonging to one of the two, as everyone knew the furi. Wonder which band's music it was, cause it was really catchy and fun!

They had presales of tickets for the two sponsored events, and I don't think the staff expected me to buy tickets for twenty thousand something yen, lol ^^; Lots of friends joining for the January one, what with vacations and stuff. Really looking forward to that live, especially since Art Cube has been invited to play as well :)

They had included both Poison and Kurutta yoru ni for tonight's setlist. Nice hearing them again (although still no Ride On Me...? Do the guys not like the song themselves? o.O)
With the small size of the venue, and the large amount of people, Velvet ended up having a big audience. And people seemed to love them! There was lots of applause, and even howling! I hope they managed to make some new fans. 
Of course there was the required(?) "omg! the guitar stopped working D: *messes with amp stuff while MiMi sings acapella*", and eyelashes flying about x) But at least no one fell down or completely messed up songs this time (Though, there was a "eh... maybe I need to be close to the microphone for them to hear me?"-moment, lol.) There are times Bera looks dissatisfied about his own guitar playing, or the sound it results in (Not only tonight). I really don't think he should worry that much about it... It sounds great, and we wouldn't care even if he was off once in a while.  

We had originally planned to stay for the entire live this time, but ended up getting bored so a couple of us went on to Shinjuku for purikura and dinner instead.

    <-- lol

Wish it wasn't Sunday already, meaning I have to get up at the crack of dawn in the morning, but it was a fun afternoon/night! ^^ 



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