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Harry Potter and stuff

I'll try to catch up with everyone's journals, emails and Private Messages eventually. Been so much to do lately, I've barely had time to sleep the few hours I've spent at home. But looks like this weekend will be a bit more relaxed. Finally had time to hang out with mrs_fujiwara  again this Friday afternoon.

We went to see the new Harry Potter movie.

It's a bit annoying that it's the first half of two parts, so all the action etc. will be in the next one. But I enjoyed it nevertheless, although a few things seemed a little strange... Did anyone else here see it yet? Was there a reason for why Harry and the other two couldn't just disapparate again when they ran into the gang of death eaters(?) in the forest? And Harry seemed to recover from his struggle in the icy cold water extremely quickly.... 
I'm looking forward to see the end of it (Although I do know what happens). I hadn't really looked much into this first part of it before seeing it (We hadn't planned to go the the theater either; just happened to pass by it and thought "hey, we should see the new HP movie), so I was possitively surprised at the appearance of Bill Nighy. There are so many great British actors. I wish they'd included Rita Skeeter more in the movies (like in the books), as I like Miranda Richardson a lot (She was the one I automatically imagined as Rita when I was reading the books). But I'm very happy about the casting of Helena Bonham-Carter and Ralph Fiennes too :)

They got a nice christmas tree in the lobby now:

And just like last time we went to this movie theater, we ran into Seiji & co. on the street nearby ^^; I think we managed to go by unnoticed this time. It's incredible how you can keep meeting people so randomly in this huge city.

Also ended up taking some purikura of course.

The new Narnia movie is coming soon.

Read all the books as a child (and saw that old BBC series on TV over and over x) Aslan's movability has certainly improved a bit since then). Also remember seeing a theater performance of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe maaany years back. The play took place inside an old monastary/prison from the Middle Ages, on a small island (for some reason). And it was absolutely freezing inside. We were all wrapped in thick blankets, wearing winter coats and stuff, trying to watch the show. 
It feels so nostalgic having the story retold now.

Since we ran into the man right before taking the pics, we did a really fangirly one... (Don't take it too seriously)
A small and chubby elephant seemed fitting (Sorry Seiji).

Caaake. Almost as good as chocolate.

Today is the day of another Art Cube live! ^^ Looks like it'll be a pretty huge Sequence Records event. I'm sure the reappearance of SULFURIC ACID will bring a lot of people there, and it'll be the last proper Sequence event before the label ends. A lot of friends are coming, so I'm really looking forward to it!

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