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Sequence Records FINAL SUMMIT

I'm really going to miss Sequence Records, I always have a lot of fun at their events. Lots of bands in the lineup at Rock May Kan yesterday:
1. ZABEL, 2. ZELGYER, 3. Bi;shop, 4. 水樂, 5. パニックちゃんねる, 6. SULFURIC ACID, 7. exist+trace, 8. Art Cube
A long wait to see Art Cube, but a lot of the other bands were fun too. And I had been looking forward to seeing Tomozo on stage again. When SULFURIC ACID was up next, the venue suddenly filled up with people very quickly. Hizaki couldn't participate (too busy with Versailles I suppose), but I saw quite a few of his fans there too. I hope Tomozo isn't planning on retiring from the music scene completely. He's a lot of fun to watch on stage, and as far as I can tell he's doing a great job with the record label as well. Fortunately he'll be part of one of the session bands at Art Cube's oneman :D It was interesting seeing him with that old make-up he used six years ago.

Most of you know by now that Art Cube will go over to DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISE. The rest of the label will move on to SOUNDTRAP ENTERTAINMENT. We've been given website addresses for both labels, but neither of them are working at the moment....  Also, for those who might be interested in buying the final release from Sequence: the songs by Art Cube and Brain Hacker are 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou) and Lie. So they're not new songs.

Art Cube's setlist for the 27th:
1. 花陽影 (hanahikage)
2. Pain~Wing...
3. not exist
4. Soaring awakening
5. 失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)
encore: False prayer

Getting False prayer as the encore was worth the wait. Everyone literally started bouncing when Seiji announced it. Shizuki managed to completely mess it up so they had to start over again, but I don't think anyone cared ^^ For the first time ever, people were climbing up on stage to do furi for Yossy and Nobu, and they looked really happy about it (Yossy still sounded thrilled in his blog this morning). 
During the MC Seiji said they'll finally be selling some new goods at the table next month. Sounds like it'll be a new keitai strap/cleaner. About time they get something. The only items they've been selling for the past years are their CDs. I'm surprised they're not doing photosets anymore.

So many violent songs this time. LOADS of fun, but I think we'd all appreciate it if they put Hanahikage in the middle or something, to give us a chance to rest among all the headbanging, jumping and diving ^^; People were trembling from exhaustion after the last song. (At the live with THE VELVET in January, Art Cube will probably be the second to last band playing. I can imagine us being completely dead when Velvet finally appears, and we still have at least an hour of their set left).

Again the cutest bangya ever showed up at this live. I've seen her a few times before; seems to be a fan of Panic Channel and PRIMEADDICT. And she's only five years old! x) She headbangs wit the rest of the girls, and does the maloik with her small hands. It's adorable.  

No more Art Cube lives for a couple of weeks now, before the oneman on the 12th. The event is devided in two, the last part being the oneman itself, and the first part being various session bands with the individual members. These are the members of Seiji's "session"...
Vo.Z (Art Cube, Moi dix Mois)
Gu.kng (刺四, Moi dix Mois)
Ba.Sugiyan (Moi dix Mois)
Dr.深山勇人 (draw the perspective, Moi dix Mois)

LOL. Now all we need them to do are some covers of MdM songs... 


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