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And I'm back...

So much has happened lately, I don't know what to write. 

First of all, I saw Kaya a couple of times :D

Queen's SHOW was fun. Took us some time to find the venue though. Neither me nor my friend had been there before (and maps won't really do you much good in Tokyo), but fortunately we arrived in Shinjuku an hour early, so we weren't late for the concert. The first part of the show was very different from what I'm used to when it comes to Kaya, as he had an orchesta on stage with him. And we all had chairs to sit on (it was a concert hall instead of a live house). It was weird, but worked quite well. He wore a new dress designed together with Death Trap ID. During the second part everyone were dancing and doing furi, not using the chairs anymore.
He performed Carmilla for the first time, and talked a little about Kamijo and the upcoming Node of Scherzo. The encore was Glitter Arch, and we had been given light sticks to wave around. Kaya didn't know about this, since we were given a piece of paper with the stick with instructions when to use them, and that it was the staff's idea. Kaya looked so surprised! :D And towards the end of the song he began to cry ^^; At first he tried to hide it, but when some girls in the audience saw that, they started crying too, which made Kaya cry even more.

Got to talk a bit with one of his drag queens in the lobby. A pink haired queen called Scarlet. His make-up was a copy of Kaya's, down to that fake mole below his left eye. The first thing he said to me was an attempt of English..... And he mixed up some letters, making me go "huh?" at first. And he saw that I didn't understand him, and that made him look really insecure of himself, and after that he would only speak in Japanese. x] Aww, and it really looked like he had been gathering courage before trying to say anything to me, so I felt a bit sorry for him after that x]

There weren't that many foreigners there. I could only see 4 among the audience + a photographer with a 'staff' tag. But there were quite a few guys there. I guess this being a oneman, made some boys feel less embarassed to be there since there would only be Kaya fans there anyway. They shouted even more than the girls (and female Kaya fans can be fairly loud), but it created a great atmosphere :) Especially before the encore. Kaya had us standing there calling his name for what must have been at least five minutes before he came back on stage.

Also found HIZAKI grace project's new album, which took a while. There were posters everywhere, but no sign of the actual CD >__<
It wasn't until we stopped by the very last store we thought might have it that I finally found it (it was their last copy), but at least I got some neat extras with it so it was worth the search :)

And someone dumped these guys by the roadside, and I really really really did not want to give them away T__T  But it's not like I could keep them in my apartment, so I'm glad we did find someone who could take care of them (we were wandering around the neighbourhood for hours, but for some reason everyone have dogs around here :/ )

It was fun while it lasted. (They also had another brother, who was completely black in colour, but we managed to give him away to a nice couple passing by before this picture was taken).

We gave them some milk, since they were very much in need of some nutrition. And this one kitten kept trying to eat my hand :p She didn't care if the milk in my hand was gone, she just kept on chewing on my hand instead.

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