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Art Cube 3rd Anniversary EVENT & ONEMAN 2公演 @ 目黒鹿鳴館


This year's anniversary oneman consisted of two parts. The second part, starting at 8pm was the oneman itself, but at 3:30pm was part one with four different session bands. As usual for the December oneman, it took place at Rock May Kan. It's a tiny livehouse which used to be a theater, so the sound is really bad. But I guess it has a kind of charm to it.

Shizuki's session was up first. ~DANI~ isn't just a one time thing though, as he does lives with this band all the time. But it was the first time I saw them. And there was a lot of headbanging *_* Maybe not the best way to start such a long event. For one of the songs the vocalist was joined by a girl who is one of Art Cube's staff members. I have no idea what she sounded like, as it was impossible to hear both her and the other guy's voice during this song (Partly because of Rock May's terrible sound system), but it was somewhat entartaining and silly to watch them. They acted out some sort of failed love story, which probably ended up looking sillier than was the intention ^^;

~DANI~ was the only band's setlist I was able to take a picture of, as they didn't turn on the light between the bands. Does anyone know any of these songs? None at the live did...

They were followed by WAKA-TICK; Yossy's BUCK-TICK cover band. He had drawn a "W-T" on his cheek to match Imai. And he was very clearly nervous - it was his first MC ever. But Yossy has such an honest smile, and it's so obvious when he's enjoying himself, it's always fun watching him getting to do stuff like this on his own.
He was joined by Loki on vocals (Who was actually fully dressed. I think that's the first time I've seen him covering more skin than he's showing. Finally), a couple of guys from PRIMEADDICT on guitar and bass (Whom we were already familiar with after having seen them at events with Art Cube and THE VELVET numerous times), and Shinsaku (ex-JackRose) on drums. Yossy introduced everyone in his MC, and accidentally(?) said that "the drummer used to be in a band with Seiji". As in, he said the name Seiji. So he had to go on and explain that "umm... he's Zeta-sama now... But his real name is Seiji ^^; It's a secret! hush!^^;;;" LOL  

Third was Nobu's session NATUKA SEA. Lots of VII-Sense regulars came to see this band, as it had Juka on vocals as well as RayX and KAZ among the other members. The second guitarist was Tomozo! He's always interesting to watch on stage, though the old Sulfric Acid style make-up still looks weird ^^; Nobu was adorable! I never thought I'd say that about this man, but he looked really, really cute for this session. Unfortunately there aren't any clear pictures of him, but Tomozo posted this:


They had matching hair x)
I wasn't familiar with most the songs they did, but.... They started their set with MALICE MIZER's "kioku no sora"! :D That was completely unexpected. And Juka did really well. His voice suited the song perfectly.

Last was Seiji's "session". During sound check you could hear both Kengo and Sugiyan playing riffs from Moi dix Mois tunes, and as the curtain opened, even the intro to their set was Moi dix Mois (exclude). People were cheering loudly. They all had specially made shirts with a logo on it (Designed by Seiji, and he'd printed it on the shirts himself). He looked cute (though I think he was going for sexy). Apart from the shirt, he wore a hat, extremely short hot pants, tights (which he complained about being uncomfortably warm, and sympathized with us girls), a belt and the M10M boots.

Unfortunately he loves talking, so most of their set was spent on the MC, with time for only two songs. No idea where the songs were from. They had the lyrics taped to the floor, but there was no song titles on the sheets.
edit: Kengo posted the setlist.
- MC -
1.六本木心中 / アン・ルイス
- MC -
2.Tattoo / 中森明菜 

The first part of the event finished at 7:15, so we had just over an hour before the doors opened for part two. The oneman ended up being much shorter than usual because of the preceding  sessions.
Setlist; probably not in the right order:
*虹化鏡 (kougekyou)
*Blue Heaven
*花陽影 (hanahikage)
*new song
*蓮華宙 (Now I'm really unsure of how to read this. We thought it was 'rengechuu'. KALM thought so too. But when Seiji introduced the song this time, he said something completely different...)
*not exist
*False prayer
*失楽蝶 (shitsurakuchou)
*20th Century Boy 

Somehow the moshing for not exist was a lot more fun than usual today. I guess it's because we were a lot more people than usual. It's always easier to do that stuff when a large group of people around you are being just as silly. And Shizuki was having a lot of fun with us in the front this time ^^
For the last encore, most of the bandguys participating in the previous sessions joined Art Cube on stage. Complete chaos, but fun :D

Seiji announced during the live that their next oneman is coming up May 8th, at Takadanobaba AREA (great livehouse, much better sound). Tickets will be available through presale from January 22nd, and general sales from March 22nd. They're also doing their first sponsored event under the new record label at the same venue on March 21st.

And finally the band has some new merch. I don't know why they haven't been selling photosets at least, and they're still not. But they have a new keitai strap, and it's actually quite cute. When you buy the strap it comes with a macron shaped charm with the band's initials AC written on it, and you can purchase individual macron charms with the members' names. Not very in style with the bands image, but I guess they figured the majority of their fans are girls who like cute things. They pretty much sold out.
 As a free gift they gave out a DVD from the previous oneman. This time they included parts of several songs, which was nice. And it's also fun to have parts of the furi for False prayer on video ^^;

I might add more details later, but it's getting late so I should get some sleep. THE VELVET's sponsored event coming up tomorrow, and loads of things to plan and finish before then.


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